A Rebel With A Cause, Erin Huggins’ lifestyle brand is a cutting-edge combination of mind and body techniques. Her results driven approach is what keeps her enthusiasts coming back for more, whether they be LA-hipsters and celebrities, high-powered executives or fashion industry darlings such as Rozae Nichols. Arms adorned with tattoos, this petite punk-turned-healthy lifestyle pro has a secret for success – her synergy of mental and physical training.

Get fit with her pilates workout downloads, lose weight with her signature weight-loss program, β€œOperation Shape Shift,” and enhance your health and well being with her powerful products that will help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Erin HugginsWelcome!

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  1. mazda6606

    I really enjoyed the few videos I’ve watched thusfar and look forward to working with you on more to come. Keep up the good work!!!! Your are very inspiring.

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