Flush the Toxins Flush the Fat!

I’m sure it’s not the first time you heard to cut out the processed, junk, enriched, fortified, high caloric and low nutrient empty food. Duh. But, here’s the deal. Processed food is full of CHEMICALS. Our food is grown in soil polluted with chemicals. Then chemicals are sprayed on our food while it’s growing. Then we harvest the food, take it to a factory, break it down and produce all kinds of nifty treats with it. The end result is far from food. This chemical loaded franken-food is what is making you fat. For realz. Your body perceives these chemicals – many of them man made neuro toxins – as invaders. Your body is literally being attached by an army of chemical invaders. And every time you eat these toxins accumulate in your system. This chemical overload must be dealt with. Your body pushes fat to the back burner – so to speak – to process and eliminate these chemicals and toxins. When is your body going to process and eliminate fat?? Um. When you stop eating the chemical invaders and toxins that your body is accustomed to.

Erin HugginsFlush the Toxins Flush the Fat!

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