Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

1.  Never Say Anything Negative About Yourself. Ever. Instead – become an ego maniac! If you want to lose weight you have to give your body the respect and love it deserves.  Imagine if someone came up to you and said, “you look fat today,” or “your ass looks huge in those jeans,” or “your stomach is so nasty?”  You’d want to practice your new fancy muay thai moves on their ass.  So knock it out. Step into the shoes of the most confident, sexy and egotistical person you know.  And become that person.  Just like an actor rehearses a new role, rehearse your new “rock star” personae in your mind daily like a meditation until you see this new slimmer more confident and healthy body come to life!
2.  Ditch the diet mentality. If you want to lose weight, stop dieting.  Instead – find a metabolic typing advisor to give you a “diet diagnosis.” You don’t have to deny yourself food if you know how to eat – not to mention the damage to your metabolism.  Your individual metabolism and dietary needs are just as unique as your fingerprint.  Once you know what to eat your body will adjust and weight loss is inevitable.  Get your metabolic type tested.  There is no better way than to determine what foods are right for you!   
3.  Don’t do it alone.  It doesn’t matter how little or how much weight you need to lose.  One of the best way to lose the weight is to find an accountability partner.  This person should not be someone who needs to lose weight themselves though.  Misery loves company!  Find someone who either has successfully lost weight themselves or a fit friend who you can trust.  Tell them your current weight and your goal weight. Then send them a daily food and fitness log.  Establish a penalty if you don’t. For example, tell them to announce it on Facebook that you are not sticking with your commitment. There is nothing more motivating than the thought of public scrutiny!
For some great weight loss recipes check out my friend Antonio at Healthy Urban Kitchen! Love this cook book! 


Erin HugginsTop 3 Weight Loss Tips

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