I lost 4 pounds!! March Makeover – Day 8

Woo Hoo!!  I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 120 pounds on the dot. I lost 4 pounds since I started my makeover. My body is so thankful this morning. I really am beginning to feel like myself again and soon I will have my hot little pilates perfect, video ready body. I am so excited and this piece of good news fuels the fire and motivates me even more. Stay tuned for my food list….

two organic scrambled eggs w/ mushrooms and bacon
1/2 croissant
whole milk latte


mexican pizza – whole wheat tortilla, pinto beans, chicken, beef, salsa, cheese

Sunday anything goes treat
girl scout cookies – yes ma’am!!

water, water, water!

Exercise – couldn’t take the day off ’cause I didn’t workout out Thursday. I only get ONE day a week off, so I gotta make it up!!
30 minute pilates reformer workout
30 minute jump squats, ski steps, jumping jacks, jump rope, push ups, plank holds, triceps dips, mountain climbers etc…

Despite the increase in exercise my appetite still has not increased. I’m a bit surprised that this effect from the chemo hasn’t worn off yet. Okay, it is what it is.

Erin HugginsI lost 4 pounds!! March Makeover – Day 8

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