Makeover & Weight Loss Mistake 1

Are you starting on your own weight loss or makeover? If weight loss is your goal the first thing you must do is write the goal down!! Most people make the mistake of keeping the weight loss goal floating around in their head and never make the goal tangible. You must write down your weight loss and makeover goal. This is very important. It helps to turn your vision into something tangible.

But, here’s another thing. When you are writing your goal, make sure you do it in sensory based language. Use emotional words that speak to what you will LOOK like, FEEL like SOUND like when you reach your goal. Will you lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds? Will you look taller? Will the muscles in your legs be more defined? Will your skin look better? What will it feel like to reach your weight loss goal? Will you be happy? Will you be alert, energized and feel more confident? What will it sound like to reach your goal? What will you be saying to yourself, ” you look awesome! great job!”

Write your weight loss and makeover goal down. Be creative and write in sensory based language. This is very important. And will help you actualize your goal with more focus and intensity if you have a very emotional attachment to it. Good luck! And go write down your weight loss and makeover goal now!

Erin HugginsMakeover & Weight Loss Mistake 1

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