March Makeover – Day 10

I’m starting to crave. I woke up today wanting, craving, needing, running with excitement to yoga.  The transformation, the ups, downs and ups my body has been through over the last several months is a testament to how resilient we are.  I’m stoked. I’m strong. I’m down with downward dog again and it is a true gift I don’t take lightly. 

toast with cheddar cheese and butter

90 minute hatha yoga

lentil soup with dark meat chicken and bacon and tons of veggies
coconut macaroon


organic pasture beef & cheese burrito

60 minutes pilates and weight lifting

apple and cheese

Okay, my appetite is clearly starting to pick up from all the exercise. I will be careful about choosing foods from my metabolic appropriate food list. So thrilled to get a second workout in today!!

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover – Day 10

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