March Makeover- Day 11

whole grain toast
two eggs with cheddar cheese and salsa
whole milk latte

turkey sandwich with tons of veggies, spicy mustard on whole wheat bread

cheese and salami

beef and cheese burrito

20 minute pilates reformer

My husband asked me to drive to Compton with him today to pick up some promotional material for his short film that is being showcased at the SXSW film festival. I agreed because he wouldn’t have asked unless he really didn’t want me to go. But unfortunately he neglected to call the company to make sure the postcards where ready… and they weren’t. So, needless to say I wasted half my day driving aimlessly around Compton…. yes, the beautiful city of Compton, waiting for the postcards to be done. I wish I could say this didn’t zap the energy right out of me, but the rest of my day I was worthless. Energy zapped – exercise lame.

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover- Day 11

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