March Makeover – Day 15

two scrambled eggs on half a croissant
whole milk latte

open faced turkey breast sandwich w/ cheddar cheese

two pieces of veggie, pepperoni pizza – anything goes Sunday 🙂
two squares of organic chocolate
one glass of red wine

30 minutes pilates

Feeling fabulous! But, I want to step up the cardio. I haven’t lost any weight this week. This can happen as your exercise increases because muscle weighs more than fat. So, even though I haven’t “lost” weight, I’ve gained muscle! And my clothes are starting to feel too big –  this is one of the best indication that my body mass is shifting. Woo Hoo!!  But still. I could step it up. I’m all about “listening to your body,” and sometimes you’ve got to tell your body what to do. This week I’m going to tell it to take it’s butt to spinning. Wish me luck.

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover – Day 15

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