March Makeover – Day 19 Chemo Sucks!

two organic scrambled eggs w/bacon and cheese
1/2 croissant
organic whole milk latte

apple, cheese, crackers, peanuts

organic grass fed steak and sauteed veggies

30 pilates

Again, I barely have an appetite and needing naps every afternoon the last couple of days. I’m meditating on healing and energy. I close my eyes and imagine my cells getting stronger and stronger. I imagine each and ever one of my 100 trillion cells are bouncing around inside me with excitement to be alive and doing their job. Now, that I’ve gotten back to the gym all I want to do is go. I can not wait for this chemo drug to be out of my system. I can’t cleanse, because it’s still doing it’s working. I have to remind myself that even though I’m not in the middle of the ectopic pregnancy mess, that my body is still going through it. And I must have patience. All I can do is allow the process of healing to take place….just as it should.

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover – Day 19 Chemo Sucks!

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