March Makeover – Day 20

Woo Hoo! The first day of spring. And it’s like I’ve been reborn. Where did this energy come from? Only the last several days I’ve been dragging my feet, feeling sick, warn down and completely toxic. But, not I’m feeling amazing. I’ll take it. Wherever it’s coming from, I’ll take it.

scrambled eggs w/ tons of veggies
french toast

turkey, salami, ham sandwich

turbot fillet, peas

trader o’s and whole milk – not at all appropriate for my metabolic type. I felt terrible after eating this. I had heart palpitations and couldn’t sleep. Big, bad choice. Should have had some cheese.

30 minutes intervals on treadmill

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover – Day 20

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  1. mom

    My daughter is truly amazing! She never gives up! Erin, you may not realize that you are doing this for ME and many, many others who are just emotional and physical wrecks! I’m so glad you loved those Jane Fonda exercises we used to do and the yoga. Cause now….I’m gettin it back! I started walking again. Knees are killing me! Keep it up, darlin! Love ya!

  2. Post

    Awe! Thanks Mom! Yes, it’s all your fault! Just remember that – YOU are the first person to teach me yoga and to love fitness. I heart Jane Fonda aerobics!!

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