March Makeover – Day Three

Morning Snack
organic green pear

90 Minute Hatha Yoga Class

Late Breakfast
two poached organic eggs topped w/ salsa asparagus
organic sausage

protein shake

spagetti w/ turkey meatballs
coconut fruit bar

45 minutes pilates

Yoga this morning was amazing. It was also one of the hardest yoga classes I’ve ever taken. Arrrrggg!!! It was like my body had never done yoga before. Every plank pose, every downward facing dog, every triangle, every bridge reminded me of my purpose. To teach others how important it is to move. Just move. Don’t take for granted the gift of your own fully functioning body. Treat it like the temple it is 🙂

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover – Day Three

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  1. Kaye

    I’m totally thinking about doing this now, too. It is the ultimate in accountability to document what you do online!

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