March Makeover Madness – Day One

Keep in mind while reading my posts that I’m still dealing with the effects from chemo. I don’t have much appetite and I would normally eat much more. Also, don’t judge my weight and measurements. I’m just over 5 feet tall and normally weigh between 110 and 114 pounds. So, 124 on my petite frame definitely transforms my body. Don’t compare me with you!!! We are all different and feel good when our body looks, weighs and is in a certain shape. For me I feel best about 10 pounds lighter…. oh and not when I have side effects from chemo! I feel better then too 🙂

Day One
weight – 124
waist – 32
hips – 38.5
BMI – 22.7

1 piece spelt toast
2 slices organic turkey breast
1 slice organic cheddar cheese
latte with whole organic milk

Peanuts – seriously I just wasn’t hungry

organic chicken salad
w/ bacon, crostini mushrooms & goat cheese
2 small slices sausage pizza

water, water, water all day!!!
no exercise – I usually don’t on Sunday.

I’m so glad I decided to do this makeover and do it publicly. I was excited when I woke up today and honestly couldn’t wait to shoot some video about project post ectopic pregnancy makeover! 

Erin HugginsMarch Makeover Madness – Day One

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