Are You Too Toxic to Lose Weight?

Why aren’t you losing weight? You are eating right for your metabolic type. You are eating real food and limiting industrialized food. You are exercising the way you should. So, what’s going on?

I recently went through a tubal pregnancy. In order to shed the pregnancy I had to do a round of chemotherapy. Talk about toxic. After taking myself through a makeover in March and no fat loss, but muscle and weight gain. I realized that I was too toxic to lose weight. So I decided to put myself on a detox. The detox is called Heel and was recommended by my acupuncturist.

You might consider doing a detox if you are having a hard time losing weight. If the body is backed up with toxins then weight loss will be extremely difficult. Toxins, poisons, chemicals etc… are stored in your organs like the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and also in fat. In order to release fat one needs to “clear the path” so to speak.

Erin HugginsAre You Too Toxic to Lose Weight?

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  1. Tim

    I think weight loss is all about three things – attitude, diet and exercise. From my experience, reducing carb intake and doing aerobic exercises are keys to successful weight loss.

  2. Post

    Yes, definitely about those three things. However, reducing carbs will only be successful for fast oxidizers. Once that has been determined by metabolic testing then a reduced carb diet would be recommended!

  3. angem

    No one on here should call any of this a diet. A diet is something that you go on for a little while, this is about making a life choice and a really good one at that. People are getting sick and dieing at really young ages some from disease and some from the way we all eat. Eating fast food is gross and i know i don’t feel good when i eat it, it might taste good until it get’s past your throat and even then with me it feels like i have something stuck in my throat while i’m eating it. So please stop calling it a diet, you could just do this for a little while but in the end you’ll wind up right back where you started and maybe even worse.


  4. Post

    Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for reading/watching my blog! Yes, young people are very sick from all the junk, fast and processed food they are eating. This is why, as a nutritional counselor and metabolic typing advisor, I am so passionate about sharing important information about diet, health and nutrition. I appreciate your comment and agree with you that people should not “go on a diet.” It’s too bad the word diet is a victim of modern marketing. Diet, as translated from the Greek, diaita – means literally “manner of living,” or “to lead one’s life” – not far from your recommendation that people make a “life choice.” Only recently has the word “diet” come to be known as restrictive and a means to lose weight. When I refer to the word “diet” in my videos and blog I’m talking about the lifestyle component of healthy eating – not a “go on a diet” quick fix. However, there are certain “diets” that are good for some and bad for others, hence the need for metabolic testing to determine the appropriate “diet” for the individual. And occasionally, when there has been trauma to the body, or heavy pharmaceuticals usage (like in my case having to take chemotherapy) one may need to detox to help your body lose fat when needed (like in my case due to an ectopic pregnancy).

    Thank you for sharing. I wish more young people would become active in this conversation. You sound like a very passionate young woman! Ever thought about a career in nutrition, health or wellness?

  5. jodi

    can you tell me more about this ‘heel’ detox? i’d be interested in learning more about it (but i also plan on talking to my doctor about what he thinks, just to be safe)…

    thanks! šŸ™‚

    p.s. love your blog!

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