Makeover & Weight Loss Mistake 2 – Ignite Your Inner Angelina Jolie

When most people start a weight loss program they only focus on what they see on the outside and never focus on what’s going on inside. You have to use your brain to get the body you want! After you have set your goal, you must begin to visualize the body you want and deserve. Make a game of it! Every night as you are falling asleep imagine that you are an architect and you are building the body you want piece by piece.

You have to nourish the inner aspect. You have to be a warrior, a diva, a super star! Do you think Angelina Jolie walks around with a negative attitude about herself? Do you think she says “I suck” to herself? NO! You can’t be as successful as Angelina Jolie and have that kind of self defeating inner dialog.

Don’t jump head first and get all cracked out on cardio while not spending a second on mental and inner strength. Because if you don’t focus on mental and inner strength you will not be able to move past how terrible your body is going to feel after two weeks of crazy cardio (which by the way isn’t even the best fat loss exercise!) Your tired achy body will be a convenient excuse to slip back into your old routine.

Create inner dialog that enables you to bring the body you want into existence. Use the power of your mind to reinvent yourself into the person you want and deserve to be! You can create a magical life. You just have to do it in a mindful, logical way.

Put some serious time in at the “mental gym.” There are some great mental exercises that will help you Ignite your inner Angelina Jolie in my instant weight loss download Operation Shape Shift.

Visualization and guided meditation are techniques Tiger Woods uses before every golf game. Do you think they are working? Olympic champions across the globe work on their self-esteem, confidence and inner warrior through hypnosis, guided meditation and/or visualization. Why not you? It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel here. Just follow the road that successful people have laid out for you. Do what works – You’ve got to visualize to materialize!!

You can download Operation Shape Shift or the guided meditations individually here.

Erin HugginsMakeover & Weight Loss Mistake 2 – Ignite Your Inner Angelina Jolie

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