Fast Food Is Not Convenient

I’m inspired to write this post today after listening to fellow diet and lifestyle expert Sean Cruxton on his radio show. On today’s show he interviewed Ana Sofia Joanes of It was an amazing interview and I’m inspired more than ever to help people understand our most basic common need: FOOD. 

One topic that comes up often is how expensive it is to eat real, organic good quality food. I think everyone can agree that organic is more expensive – up front at least. As Ana said in the interview, it’s a niche market. Once the organic and sustainable food market grows the prices will drop. True. And there is another issue here and that is the long term cost to eating industrialized, fast “convenience” foods.  

While it’s true that organic food may cost more upfront, people don’t consider that eating cheap processed food is costly in the long run. Sure you might be able to save a few bucks on cheap food now, but what happens when your weight starts creeping up from all the empty calories?  What happens when type two diabetes sets in from all the cheap refined foods loaded with hidden sugars? And how are you going to pay for the doctor’s visit when all the antibiotic and hormone dosed foods you are eating puts so much stress on the adrenals that now your hormones aren’t working properly? And now you need to pay for medications for your heart, high cholesterol, insomnia, acid reflux, diabetes and the list goes on. Is it really convenient to be sick? You are what you eat. 

The bottom line is that it’s not cheaper to eat cheap. When you eat foods that are dense in nutrition and appropriate for your metabolic type, you actually don’t need to eat as much food. This is because you are satiated. You are nourished. I double dare you to try it sometime. You might just be surprised!  In the meantime check out FRESH the movie!

Erin HugginsFast Food Is Not Convenient

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