My Radical Resolutions & Goals for 2010

My Resolutions and Goals for a Rockin’ 2010

Not only are we are at the end of another year, but we are at the end of a decade! It’s a very special time and I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on this last year.

I’ve grown as a professional – received my Functional Diagnostic Nutrition credentials and expanded my awareness as a health and wellness practitioner. I’ve also grown tremendously as a person – stepping into my purpose as a health and fitness leader, embracing my uniqueness and “not caring what other people think of me,”  and stepping out of my comfort zone has liberated me in countless ways.  And there is always room for improvement.

My resolutions and goals for 2010 are:

  • Be bold, brave and audacious enough to demand the life of my dreams.
  • To be a living example of the wisdom I possess.
  • To launch my pilates videos. Seriously.
  • To invite committed clients into my life who are aligned and /or willing to learn about holistic health and wellness principles, who respect me and my recommendations and are willing to pay me generously for the work I do.
  • To present myself with confidence, clarity and ease so that I may attract above said clients.
  • To receive 5 clients into my holistic weight loss program, to help them radically transform their lives, lose weight, gain vitality and step into their purpose and passion.
  • To set work hours and break free from the, work from home, work all day pattern.
  • Take yoga once a week minimum – downward dog baby!
  • To continue to nourish my body by eating organic, local food and for my Metabolic Type.
  • Be off-line by 9pm and in bed by 11pm.
  • To see each and every person as a perfect gift from the divine and extend loving energy to all.
  • To replace all my makeup with natural mineral makeup. Any recommendations?!
  • To see my friends more! More playtime, more beach time, more joy and laughter!
  • 5 days a week of consistent, scheduled workout time. No more scattered gym days, pilates sessions or “quick workouts” between clients and work.
  • To be a more supporting wife and better friend to my husband. Go hubby go!
  • To hire a capable, take-charge assistant who is responsible for the hustle, marketing and promoting of my business, both online and offline, so that I may do what I do best.
  • To consistently mastermind and engage with other powerful, inspiring, game-changing entrepreneurs so that I may continue to get out of my comfort zone, grow my brand and help more people.
  • To create a powerful at home holistic weight loss program so that I may be of service to more people, while simultaneously preserving my own health and happiness.
  • To Rock it in 2010! No holding back baby!!

What are your resolutions and goals for 2010?  Are they career related, personal, spiritual, health and wellness related? I’d love to hear about what you plan to gain in 2010. Dare to dream big in 2010 and step into the life you were born to live!

Erin HugginsMy Radical Resolutions & Goals for 2010

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  1. elena

    Erin, good luck with your goals–they sound fantastic.

    For make up I use Bare Minerals [Bare Essentials]–it has worked fantastic for me so far. I have been using it for over 2 years now.

  2. Skye King

    2010 is going to be so powerful, your goals match that power! I look forward to watching you grow! (& hold you accountable:)
    Big Hugs!

  3. Post
  4. Post

    Yes! Accountability is key. I love going public with big goals because it really makes you push to accomplish them! Thanks for the support Skye.

  5. Douglas


    That is quite a list.

    Best of luck in the New Year. It’s great to have a fresh start

    Keep up the good work on the blog. You have a unique perspective on health/fitness.

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  7. *Lacey

    Hey Erin!! I was so blown away with your website, its really awesome. I was looking on youtube for arm workouts and I found you though that! Your really an inspiration to me. I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks and im going to do your sugar smack down and im going to tell all my friends about it!

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