Sugar Detox Day 2

I will not lie, I’m seriously craving some chocolate.  But, there’s NO giving in over here.  And there’s no giving in at your place either!!


Steal cut oats baked overnight with one egg. Raw milk, walnuts and butter added.

Two pieces bacon

Half caf latte with whole raw milk


Tuna Salad on greens – mixed with real mayo, celery and hard boiled eggs. Topped with cheery tomatoes, carrots andpizzacottage cheese. olive oil, salt and pepper to taste


homemade pizza on a sprouted grain tortilla for the crust. Topped with organic sauce, grass fed beef, onion, green pepper and mozzarella cheese.

Water, water, water all day…

Exercise: no gym time today, just three hours of house cleaning – scrubbing floors and windows count!

Erin HugginsSugar Detox Day 2

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  1. Diane Sanfilippo

    Erin- I will blog my chocolate recipe asap for you! Maybe I’ll just email you the recipe quickly or post it to my FB fan page. I swear it will hit your craving without the sweet- it’s AWESOME!

    Day 2

    60min TRX suspension training class! 6:15am-7:15am

    2 eggs, 4 slices almond meal “breaded” eggplant, kale sauteed in coconut oil, 1/2c quinoa. 12oz coffee with coconut creme in it.

    Shrimp taco plate minus the tortillas: shrimp, rice, black beans, salsa, guacamole and a fresh tomato cut up (lunch order at work).

    Mary’s Gone Crackers (gluten free) with guacamole.

    Pre-dinner snack because I was making them…1.5 homemade NO SWEETENER ADDED peanut butter cups. Killer. I’ll post that recipe ASAP!

    1 whole chicken leg/thigh topped with crushed tomatoes, a bunch of fresh garlic cloves, oil cured olives, roasted red peppers, some black beans & cilantro over quinoa & avocado.

    Yes, dessert! I finished the 1/2 a peanut butter cup from before. They’re not sweet, they’re just not totally bitter and they hit the chocolate craving perfectly!

    Check out my FB fan page to see my dinner tonight AND the peanut butter cups!

    Looking forward to another strong day tomorrow!!

    CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach

  2. Post

    Awesome Diane! I love that you post your meals here. It really helps others who have no idea what to eat to see the variety. Thank you!!

  3. Amy S.

    How about super duper dark chocolate?? Ghirredeli has a 80% dark that is almost no sugar… It’s my fave when I do need a smidge of somethin 🙂

    Doing a great job! Keep it up!! Woo hoo!!

  4. Post

    Hi Amy ~ I’m all for the dark chocolate. And while you are doing a sugar cleanse or detox “almost no sugar” just wont cut it. Go all the way girl. You can do it!

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