Sugar Detox Day 7

Okay…. getting a little bored with my food.  And the Community Supported Agriculture where we get our produce has been closed, so I’ve noticed I’m not getting nearly enough veggies. I can’t wait for them to start delivering again this week! Not feeling great about my Sunday meals… not a single fresh salad or fresh raw veggie. Also, feeling a bit like I’m coming down with something… headache, scratchy throat. Gonna dose up on some oregano oil!


scrambled eggs with pepper cheese

sprouted grain toast with butter




miso soup


pizza on a sprouted grain tortilla – sauce, pastured hamburger, organic pepperoni, green pepper,

Water all day!


none… rest day!

Erin HugginsSugar Detox Day 7

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  1. Diane

    Checking in here…still going strong though I missed my Sunday evening rice pudding fix today. It’s definitely a comfort for me around 8-9pm to walk up to the shop around the corner for some creamy, sweet organic goodness! Not to mention that I love supporting the tiny shop! Oh well, 2 more weeks and I’ll have some. After a week of rocking my workouts and food, I’m going to see if the scale has a new story for me when I get to my ART session today (Active Release! woot!)

    Day 7 (Sunday, 1/10)

    Brunch- 11am
    2 eggs over kale and 2 lamb sausage links.

    Late Lunchy snack- 3pm
    Coffee with coconut milk
    Mary’s GF crackers with tuna salad

    Snack- 6pm
    Whole milk yogurt with 1/2 a green apple and cinnamon

    Dinner- 8:30pm
    Lamb meatballs (mmm!) with zucchini and avocado.

    No exercise today (other than going up and down 3 flights of stairs to do my laundry…!) rest day!

    CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach
 & Holistic Nutrition Educator Student @ Bauman College
    San Francisco, CA

  2. Andrea

    Hi there. I’m still hangin’ in and have not fallen off the wagon despite the crazy temptation all around me. Bought my kids some awesome-looking organic strawberries from the Farmer’s Marketin Laguna Beach and am dying to dive into a basket. Am also getting a little bored with my food.

    Breakfast was steel cut oats, grated granny smith apple, walnuts and cinnamon.

    Lunch: Just finished a large bowl of fresh veggies and hummus with a slice of sprouted grain toast, a hard boiled egg and a slice of cheese.

    Tonight’s menu will feature ahi tuna, miso soup and salad with homemade carrot ginger dressing.

    Hiked a sand trail on the bluff near the beach (60 minutes).

    It’s a beautiful day to be alive!

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