Sugar Detox Day 9

I honestly could care less about sugar…. but, I am missing the variety that fruit offers.  This week my CSA – community supported agriculture – is delivering again, so I’ll have lots of fresh local veggies to munch on! I’m also feeling way better with lots more energy!


open-faced egg sandwich on sprouted grain bread – one egg, avocado, hot sauce

half caf latte with raw whole milk


black bean soup with a sprinkle of raw cheddar cheese

hummus and blue corn chips

green-tipped banana


spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs, tomato sauce

sprouted grain bread toasted with butter


30 minutes metabolic training at home – jump squats, mountain climbers, ski steps, etc..  and pilates

Erin HugginsSugar Detox Day 9

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  1. Mary Vance

    I am missing fruit too. I’m allergic to eggs AND dairy (major downer), so i’m missing my fruit smoothie breakfasts. Otherwise don’t miss sugar at all, and this week hasn’t been much different than any other week. Wait til the weekend hits, though, as I socialize with my wine drinking and sugar-eating friends 😉

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