Sugar Smackdown Was A Success!

Hello Gorgeous!  We are finally done with the sugar smackdown.  I never gave in. Not even once.  Believe me, I wanted to.

More importantly, I really wanted to prove to myself I could say no to sugar for 21 one measly little days… and I did!!

I feel absolutely amazing. I’m 6 pounds lighter. My skin is clearer. I have more energy and my body feels stronger.  And I’m no longer a slave to the gluten free brownies that I was always baking during the holidays.

How about you?

Do you feel rockin’ or what?!

Sorry I didn’t continue to blog my food… frankly it was boring.  And I think two weeks of pretty much the same type of food and meals gave you a good idea of what to eat.

Thank you so much for joining me on this challenge. I felt so supported – like I had my own posse to help me through it. You guys rock!

Please feel free to leave your progress, your comments, experience, any insights or pearls of wisdom you’d like to share.

Much LOVE to you all!!!!



Erin HugginsSugar Smackdown Was A Success!

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  1. Janelle

    It was fun, not too bad at all. I detoxed the first week with a nice head cold. I guess my body was pushing out a lot of stuff. I did notice that I craved sugar the most when I was under stress or feeling upset. And not just like a little piece of chocolate, but a nice piece of cake or flan! But I resisted. I’m pretty sure I’ll stay clear of sweeteners for my tea & drinks…drinking your sugar is a quick way to put on some weight I’ve learned. However I’m super happy to eat more fruit again, just have to be mindful. I also think my appetite reduced quite a bit. Now I just have to respect my body’s boundaries more lovingly.

    Thanks for the challenge it was eye opening!

  2. Kim

    Well… I gave in some…and Ive done this sugar free thing many times in the last thirty years and then it all creeps back in and I am doing tons of sugars before I know it… but Erin inspired me with this Sugar Smackdown. Thing is.. when I did give in- I could not believe how the sugar made me feel- and I am only talking a glass of wine, some date sugar, fruits… cutting out the white,maple,honey,agave and no sugar gave me so much energy in my workouts- I couldnt believe it– and I teach people about taking care of themselves everyday! Thanks for the inspiration… I didnt lose weight 🙁 but I learned much.

  3. Andrea

    I loved this and have recruited two friends to start this week! It was the perfect way to start the new year and heightened my awareness again for how much sugar is in our diets, even those of us who are more focused on health than the average person. And, like Erin, I lost 6 pounds! WOOT! I really missed fruit and a nice, occasional piece of dark chocolate, but I survived. It wasn’t that hard. I would like to do this again in about 6 months (or less). Thank you, Erin, for being such a motivating force! I love your approach. You’re one bad-ass chick, and I like that. Rock on!

  4. michael marcum

    I have to admit that I was not 100%. I would say about 90 to 95%. Most of my main meals were sugar free. I think that where I would lapse was the absent minded grab a cookie from the cookie jar. But that aside I feel better and I lost about 10lbs. Thank you Erin for doing the challenge and putting it out there for everyone. I have become more aware of how much sugar is out there in our foods. I hope to stay away from the processed foods that are loaded down with sugar.

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