Why Is My Butt So Big & My Bank Account So Skinny?

I was having lunch with my friend Laura today (you should check her out, she’s one cool chica http://www.lauraroeder.com/), and we were talking about our businesses…big surprise there! We are both really passionate about helping women achieve rockstar status in their lives.

Believe it or not, being and expert pilates instructor, nutritionist and holistic weight loss coach is not what gets me all giddy. Yes, I do all those things and they are just tools I use to work my real joy and passion.

What makes my heart sing and my body sizzle is helping other women just like you, see how flippin’ awesome you are, get the smokin’ hot body you deserve and a boomin’ business to boot.

This juicy mix is my crack cocaine.


Weight loss is easy. It’s as simple as discovering your metabolic type and doing the right combination of exercise (okay, okay, there may be some other things to look at, like hormone imbalances or food intolerances, but those are easy to uncover too).

What’s not so easy is having the courage to remove the layer of “padding” you’ve been carrying around to protect you… from what… only you can know.  This deeper layer “stuff” is why so many women are unmotivated.  To be honest though, it doesn’t really matter.  It’s an old, boring worn out  “woe is me” story that even your bff is sick of.

When I get my hands on a woman (don’t even go there with your dirty mind) and have the opportunity to mentor her in all these areas – nutrition, fitness and mindset ~ this is when magic happens.

The truth is ladies, there is a common thread that is woven throughout your physical body, your relationships and your business and/or career success.  This recurring theme can no longer be ignored.

If you’re wondering why you can’t fit into your jeans and why you can’t seem to land those big high-dollar clients or keep getting passed up for a promotion ~ stop with the blame game and ask yourself this:

  • What beliefs do I have about my body that keep me unmotivated?
  • What limiting beliefs prevent me from taking more risks?
  • How can I identify areas where I self-sabotage? Do I overeat? Under eat?
  • Do I get sick or injured right before I’m about to make a big leap in my life?
  • Am I afraid to be visible?
  • Is my weight an excuse to not really go for my dreams?
  • How can I take responsibility for my own body and my career and my business success?

I understand that not everyone is going to relate to this. We all know women who are overweight, radically successful and are super happy. Think Oprah.

However, if you do relate to this and you know deep down that for you, the shape of your body and the success of your business have parallels… then I encourage you to make a commitment to do one thing this week you’ve been putting off. Even if it’s cleaning out your sock drawer.  Do one thing that will move you closer to making a giant leap into being the daredevilista you were born to be.



Erin HugginsWhy Is My Butt So Big & My Bank Account So Skinny?

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  1. Diane


    I love this post! SO motivational. It’s making me really think about why I keep making certain choices and doing certain things. I love introspection.


  2. Post
  3. Christina Morassi

    GRL… YOU are a rockstar.

    What an incredible concept!!!

    My god, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next. I love when people link things like this together… After all, we’re all one, right? Makes sense that our butts and our bank accounts are one too. 🙂

    Thanks for expanding my brain cells!

  4. Amy

    Totally totally agree!! It’s so true, Erin! Anybody can lose weight… but for me it was keeping it off. I proved that to myself over and over again when I lost and gained 80 lbs 4 times in a row… with no baby to blame it on!

    You have to go after the “why” of why you eat… it’s vital! So vital!

    I love that you wrote about this! Fantastical! I am going to post this on my blog, and share with my friends… link back to ya!

    Hugs.. Amy

  5. Amy

    Oh, oh… I remember what else I wanted to say….

    I know for myself, when I would get down to my goal weight, I would suddenly feel very naked…. and as I began a journey with God about the why issues of my eating, I realized I did wrap my weight around me like a protective coat. Being a sexual abused as a child, I had irrational fears about skinny people… they were the ones that were abused… they were the ones that would get raped.
    Totally irrational!! Because those crimes have nothing to do with a persons body size! They are “hate” crimes, and they affect big people, elderly people, ugly people… lol! You get my jist… anyways! I love that you wrote about this… nobody writes about this stuff when it comes to weighloss!

    I also wanted to say, I have read the Metobolic Typing book too… it’s very intersting! I need to dive more into it then just the little book survey. It says I am a “protein type”. But I don’t know… I am not feeling pulled to that at all…but who knows! LOL!!

    Hugs.. thanks again! Sorry to be long winded.. 🙂

  6. traci

    Grrrrl, you are totally right!! I feel like you may have been thinking of me when you wrote this. It is incredible how much doing just little things helps to pull you out of a long funk. Love you!!!

  7. Post

    @ Amy, thank you, thank you, thank you for such a lovely, open and heartfelt response to this post! You can be as long winded as you want. Get it out girl!! Also, I’d see how you feel eating as a protein type. Most people are pretty surprised at how amazing they feel when they start to eat for their own metabolic needs. It’s pretty freakin’ cool actually.

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