Are Hot Dogs Healthy?

If you don’t like hot dogs well, then you and I might not be able to be friends anymore.  And if you say you don’t like hot dogs, then you’re lying. And if you’re a vegetarian, then I just feel down right sorry for you.

I love summertime because that means it’s okay to indulge in hot dogs (actually, it doesn’t need to be summer, indulge anytime you feel like it!).

Many people are confused about hot dogs. So let’s set the record straight. Truth is they do have a reputation as being unhealthy “mystery meat” for a reason. Wanna know what’s in a hot dog?

For starters, most hot dogs are made with factory farmed beef or pork. Strike one — for many reasons. Then they are filled with cereal or filler grains. Strike two. After that, they add chemical preservatives like sodium nitrates and/ or nitrites AND other chemical additives like MSG. Strike three and four. Throw in some high-fructose corn syrup and some mystery “flavorings.” And last but not least they use a synthetic casing.

Um. No thanks.

But, what’s a hot dog lovin’ girl to do? Gimme my fix! There’s hope.

Check this out… Applegate Farms comes to the rescue with their Great American Organic Grass Fed Hot Dog. For realz. This is one hot, hot, hot dog. I love these little weiners!  These are the best hot dogs I’ve had.

All of the goodness, none of the mystery.

They are made with grass fed beef, water, sea salt and spices. That’s it.

Thank you Applegate farms for making summertime bbq’s a little more fun and a lot healthier!

Erin HugginsAre Hot Dogs Healthy?

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  1. mike mallory

    Who doesn’t love a hot dog?

    Maybe they’re only in Colorado, but Whole Foods sells a hot dog straight outta the meat case that blows the applegate’s right out of the water…..A hot dog aficionado like you would certainly rejoice-


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