Coach With Me For How Much?!

Hello Gorgeous…

How many times do you say, “Why can’t I ever seem to get where I want to go?” Do you dream about finally getting healthy, loving yourself unconditionally, losing that weight and rockin’ life to the fullest?

Stop dreaming it and start living it!

I get dozens of emails daily from women all over the world asking me a synergy of questions about holistic living – from natural weight loss, to nutrition & metabolic typing, to natural products, to how be more successful.

You want an open forum to ask me anything. You got it.

Announcing the:

Leading Lady Coaching Club

This exclusive group coaching club is designed to jumpstart your best life, keep you on track, give you accountability and the direct laser coaching you need to succeed at any endeavor.

This is a change for you to step into the spotlight and become the star in your own life.

As I do more and more lifestyle coaching, I’m finding there is a consistent, “I’ll just do it myself,” mindset among women.  I’m only calling you out because I’ve been guilty of it myself!  Another pattern that can lead to failure is adopting a one-size-fits-all approach and never seeking the advice of an expert for guidance on your specific problem or situation.

Many of you reach out via email about my products, programs and services – and some of you just aren’t taking action. One of my clients who just finished my “Lose Weight, Build Wealth” 10 week tele-class told me she was so scared to “pull the trigger” on the class. When looking deep into the reasons why – –  it was investing in herself that was so intimidating.  She now says it was the BEST investment she ever made.

If you are ready for a lifestyle change, Erin knows how to unlock the Leading Lady inside of you! – Christina Crouch

I don’t answer questions or calls for help via email – as you probably already know.  This can be very dangerous and lead to disaster for both of us. Why?  Because, I don’t have the chance to get any background information or context to your situation, whether it’s a weight issue, a health issue, a personal matter or a career question – I have absolutely no way of guiding you towards a solution without the opportunity to discuss it with you in person.

That’s why I’ve created this exclusive opportunity to work with me directly at such a great discount from my private coaching rate. For the first time ever  you’ll be able to work with me one-on-one for just  $199 $99 a month in this bi-weekly group tele-call.

This will give you the much needed perspective and accountability that comes with high-level coaching. Joining this bi-weekly group coaching call will help you succeed in many ways.

✔  Get the questions you’ve been eager to ask regarding weight-loss, fitness and nutrition answered.

✔  Get all your questions regarding lifestyle and creating success answered.

✔  Bust through what’s holding you back in your body, mindset, relationships and career.

✔  Pinpoint what’s not working for you and get clear answers on how to change it.

✔  Stay motivated to reach your goals when you’re ready to throw in the towel.

✔  Be pushed and catapult towards your greatness.

✔  Be surrounded and supported by other like-minded Leading Ladies.

Try the first month FREE, then pay only $199 $99 a month after that. If you decide you no longer what to be part of this exclusive coaching club, you can cancel anytime, no questions, no reason. And don’t worry, you’ll have total access to the recordings if you couldn’t make a call – there is tremendous learning in listening to others work through their struggles.
Subscribe to the Leading Ladies exclusive coaching club below.
Calls are every other Monday evening starting June 28th – exact time and call in information will be delivered upon registration.

It all goes down Monday June 28th.

(It’s FREE for 30 days!)

Pay Only $199 $99 each month after. Cancel anytime. No reason.
Erin HugginsCoach With Me For How Much?!

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