5 Hot & Healthy Summertime Tips

It’s summer! And I don’t know about you, but all I want to do is get outside and bounce around. I’ve got bbq’s, picnics, trips to the beach on the schedule and flights booked home to Missouri to see my family – my priorities are pretty obvious at the moment!  It’s easy to let your mind and body get off track when all you want to do is play, play, play!  Nothing wrong with some much needed summer fun time. But, if a neighborhood block party, or bbq is a weekly summer event there are tempting 20% treats all around.  And before you know it your 80/20 healthy eating principle has turned into 50 percent healthy, wholesome food, 50 percent treats.

Below are 5 tips to staying hot and healthy during the summer and not let the treats get you off track.

✔   Set up a rewards system. No junk, treat, or 20% food unless you’ve earned it. If you haven’t done your workout for the day then no deal. You aren’t allowed to indulge if you haven’t conditioned your body to handle it. Okay, so I have an ulterior motive here – the longer you can commit to this tip, the less the “treat” is going to feel like a reward.  That’s just what happens when you eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. The desire for vitality overrules the desire for the “treat.” But, hey, if a homemade peach cobbler was in my near future you’d better believe I’m going to get my workout in for the day.

Set up a support system. Ask your best pal, family member or trusted colleague if they would keep you accountable to your health and fitness plan over the summer. Better yet, make an announcement on Facebook that you don’t want to fall victim to too many summertime treats and you’re looking for help staying accountable to your health and fitness goals.  You’ll have so much support you wouldn’t dare eating that extra cookie!

Set your kitchen up for success. This is one of my year around favs. My kitchens is always stocked with healthy, wholesome, real food. This includes plenty of protein – grass fed beef, chicken thighs & breast, fish, lamb and pork; and plenty of seasonal veggies. I just don’t allow the 20% food, snacks, treats or junk in the house. Period.  If I want a treat I have to go out of my way to get it. If you tend to frequent bbq’s and picnics during the summer fill up on protein and veggies first, eat the burger or the hotdog bunless and stand clear of the picnic table!

✔  Set your standards higher. I’ll often  hear women comfort each other after eating something unhealthy like this, “don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s only one cookie” or “don’t feel bad…seriously live a little!” Agreed. If you are eating healthy, for your metabolic type 80% of the time, then live it up 20% of the time! Enjoy, indulge and don’t feel bad. BUT… most people are NOT eating healthy most of the time.  People set boundaries & goals for themselves and then they break them. When you violate your own boundary, you’re going to feel bad. This is an appropriate response. This is a signal.  Quit coddling yourself and others and hold yourself to a higher standard. In the end you’ll feel better and so will your friends.

✔  Set out to workout. With a little planning it’s actually easy to stay in shape or get in shape during the summer. The weather is perfect to get outside, soak up some much needed vitamin D and run around.  If a family picnic is in order, include games that force you and your kids to move your body – relay races, water balloon toss, touch football, freeze tag or whiffle ball.  Hello?! When was the last time you played freeze tag? You can really work up a sweat running after people – classic interval training!

Here’s to staying hot and healthy all summer long!

Erin Huggins5 Hot & Healthy Summertime Tips

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