4 Steps To Change Behavior NOW!

Why is change so hard?  Simply put, because we don’t want it bad enough. Change happens when you associate enough pain to the unwanted belief or behavior so that your brain goes…”enough already!” Watch the video for the step by step process to change your unwanted behavior or sabotaging belief.

Step One:

Identify the unwanted behavior or belief you want to change.

Step Two:

Associate or link MASSIVE amounts of PAIN too this belief or behavior. You’ve got to hit, “rock bottom” and interrupt the pattern that is keeping you stuck. Write down 10 reasons why you MUST change NOW! What will it cost you if you don’t change?

Step Three:

Create new beliefs and behaviors that empower.

Step Four:

Associate or link MASSIVE amounts of PLEASURE to the new supporting belief. You’ve got to be “out of your mind!” excited for this new behavior or belief.

What does this look like in practical terms? Let’s say you wanted to stop procrastinating on going to the gym and you have a belief that… “exercise sucks and I hate going to the gym!” You would want to identify 10 ways having that belief is HURTING you, or causing you pain and suffering. You’ve got to really FEEL all the damage to your life, your relationships, your productivity, your inner and outer wellbeing, your inner and outer worth from having that belief or behavior.

Then you have to consciously and deliberately change that belief. Instead say, “I LOVE going to the gym and exercise is awesome because it skyrockets my energy and puts money in the bank!”  Write down 10 benefits from this new belief or behavior. When you think about this new self-supporting belief you have to really FEEL all the amazing benefits and results from going to the gym.

So, every time you feel yourself slipping into, “I had the gym…” you have to consciously interrupt your own belief pattern and immediately shift to, “I LOVE the gym because…” Pretty soon you will condition a new belief and behavior.

Massive thanks to TeesForChange.com for the inspiration behind this lesson.

Check them out yo!

Erin Huggins4 Steps To Change Behavior NOW!

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  1. Lucy

    I love this Erin, thank you. It’s just what I needed and at just the right time, I’m definitely going to do this whole heartedly! Thank you x

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