I bought the FARM! (& Super Awesome Labor Day Success Coaching Saleathon!)

A life-long dream of mine recently came true…

I bought a little farm house! For the past 11 years my husband and I have been living in Los Angeles working diligently on our careers. Originally being from Columbia, Missouri, it has always been our dream to own a house in the country, while keeping our apartment in the city. We wanted the best of both worlds. Don’t you?

Here we are blasting off on our road trip from Los Angeles to the Huggins Homestead in Columbia Missouri.
I had three long days to reflect on the past 11 years in Los Angeles. Even though we are keeping our place in LA and will be back there often, I was consciously and deliberately leaving behind any remaining “I can’t do that,” thoughts of sabotage and doubt that I arrived there with 11 years ago. The truth is… I did it. I bought the farm that has been living in my head as a fantasy. It took many years of self-work and personal development to get to this point of freedom in my life though. Here I am somewhere in Arizona… hubby behind the wheel as I soak up the landscape that surrounds.

As confident, happy and fulfilled, as I am now, it wasn’t always that way. Despite being quite daring and ambitious, underneath it was fear, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Back in the day, my go-to-self-soothing tool was junk food and beer. Constantly binging on what I now call “20% food,” didn’t make me feel better. I didn’t know there were more appropriate and more effective tools to help me lose the baggage; both physically and emotionally, gain confidence and feel like a bad-ass. Can you relate? Thankfully, I’ve learned a lot of amazing transformational tools over the past 11 years while living in LA that helped me overcome my insecurities.

My hubby Joel loves the toy camera ap for his iPhone. This is driving through New Mexico.

With these tools, I help men and women all over the world banish self-sabotage, lose the baggage and have the success they desire and deserve. Somewhere deep inside of you is a bad-ass too. In fact, you know she’s there. But, letting her out might mean leaving people behind or make people around you look bad. So, you hide your inner bad ass. You smother her with sugar, wine, snacks, chocolate or whatever is handy to keep her quiet. You know how I know you do this? Because I deal with bad-asses in hiding all the time and I used to be one.

If I can go from fearful and fat to outrageously fulfilled, happy, healthy and living a life that is truly a dream come true. So can you.
We’re finally here! The Huggins Homestead. As our friend Matthew says, it’s our little “pastoral punk piece o’ property.”

So, here’s the dealio. I’ve been doing a lot of success coaching with a weight-loss and nutritional twist lately. I’m an employee of the universe and since this is what the universe is bringing me, this is what I’m going to offer. And since it’s Labor Day, I figured I could have one of those cliche saleathons to help motivate your inner bad-ass to reveal herself!

Success coaching 10 session package with a nutritional twist. (This package is limited to 5 people).

✔say goodbye to self-sabotage
✔learn how to adopt a no excuses policy
✔have motivation, confidence and a feeling of success anytime you need it
✔discover and destroy what’s holding you back
✔no more second place for you
✔skyrocket your metabolism
✔turn on your fat burning furnace
✔feel full for hours and never go hungry

Sessions are on the phone and are 60 minutes. Got questions about the sessions or package? Call 323-253-3644

Here’s to unleashing your inner bad-ass!

Love and Light,

Erin HugginsI bought the FARM! (& Super Awesome Labor Day Success Coaching Saleathon!)

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