Do you need a sugar detox?

Most of us are eating way too much sugar. Even if we are eating healthy.

Sugar has many disguises. And it’s often not properly labeled on food labels. Food labels don’t account for the biological and physiological process of how that particular food converts into sugar in the blood, it only accounts for the actual sugar in the food prior to consuming it.

Check out this food label. This is a great example. There is only 5 grams of sugar. Not bad right? But, hold on. There are 31 grams of carbohydrate. What this means is that once this food is consumed it will convert into more sugar in the blood than the label would imply.

So there are lots of foods out there that are labeled “sugar free” that actually convert into sugar in the blood. All carbohydrates convert to sugar in the blood. That doesn’t mean that all carbohydrates are bad. Far from it. We need carbohydrates just like we need the other macronutrients – protein and fat. But, it’s important to know that even though you may not be eating “sweets” you may still be eating a ton of sugar.

Think brown rice pasta, whole wheat bread, gluten free muffins, whole grain cereal – these are foods that most of us would consider very healthy. But they do a number on our blood glucose levels and cause spikes in our blood sugar just like a candy bar would.

And then there is the fruit and fruit juice fallacy. Stop the presses! Yes, in general whole seasonal fruit is healthy and has tons of vital nutrients and is WAY better than a candy bar in terms of nutrition. BUT… fruit can also be very high in sugar – especially fruit that has the fiber removed and has been juiced.

In fact, fruit juice is nothing but sugar.  Instead of drinking that big glass of OJ in the morning, you might as well mainline sugar right to your veins. Don’t believe me?  Drink an 8 oz cup of orange juice in the morning with nothing else, and see how feel. You will inevitably get a spike of energy (spike of sugar in the blood), followed by a crash of energy, maybe even some dizziness, followed my major hunger. This is your pancreas releasing insulin, the insulin pulls out the dangerously high levels of sugar from your blood, then you are left with too little sugar in the blood (low blood sugar) and you gotta eat… like get out of my way I’m starving!!!!

How do I know if I’m eating too much sugar and need to detox?

If you answer the below questions yes, then… it’s time to get your booty in my Sugar Smackdown 21 Day Sugar Detox.

  • Are you constantly craving sweets, doughy carbs, pretzels, gluten-free-agave-sweetened goodies?
  • Do you have fluctuations in energy throughout the day?
  • Do you reach for candy or caffein for your late afternoon pick me up?
  • Does real food taste gross, turn you off and is generally unappealing?
  • Are you overweight and struggling to lose it?
  • Do most of your meals come from the pantry instead of the fridge?
  • And lastly… does the thought of eliminating sugar for a mere 21 days cause your heart rate to race and your head to shake….. “OMG, there is NO WAY I could do that.” That should tell you how much you rely on sugar to sustain you. And that you are a bone a fide junkie.

Join me for my free Sugar Detox 101 call this Thursday October 21st at 5pm pacific time.

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Erin HugginsDo you need a sugar detox?

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