What Are Carb and Sugar Cravings and How To Deal?

Teaching the Sugar Smackdown 21 Day sugar detox is always an enlightening experience.

Check out this video for simple and new way to look at refined carb and sugar cravings. Then, leave me a comment — PLEASE! I love to hear what you guys think!

Some people have no problems with cravings and can ease on through the 21 days no problem. While others are Jonesin’ for sugar like a crack head lookin’ for a fix. While the reasons for this can be a bit more complex than expressed in this 3 minute Youtube clip (candida, parasites, food intolerances etc), it typically boils down to your body crying out for whole, dense, healing nutrition.

One way to deal with the sugar and carb cravings is to reframe in your mind what they really are. A cry for nutrition. Your body doesn’t really need that – insert junky, refined carb, or sugary food product here – it NEEDS dense nutrition.  The craving is the body saying… “Hello! Where was the nutrition in that bagel? Okay then, I’m going to turn on the hunger/craving mechanisms to let you know that I didn’t get enough vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats and vitality from what you just ate. Now, we can stop this madness… all you have to do is swap out the refined carbs and sugary foods for a simple meal of protein and veggies and I’ll stop shouting at you!”

Once you feed your body in a way that is dense with nutrition your sugar and carb cravings start to disappear.

Think if your body as a bank account. And think of food as money. Is the food you’re eating putting health, energy and vitality deposits into your body bank account or making withdrawals or creating a vitality deficit?

Erin HugginsWhat Are Carb and Sugar Cravings and How To Deal?

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  1. Dianne

    Hi Erin,

    Been following your work lately and am absolutely impressed with your knowledge and passion.

    I love the bank account metaphor, you are so right on!

    If you don’t mind, may I add a little to your fantastic advice.

    As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach as well as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I like to remind my clients that cravings are definitely a message from your body that something is out of balance.

    I also remind them that having “sweet” flavor, is essential in having balance, along with sour, bitter, pungent & salty. We need some of all of these flavors to remain in balance. I will go on to add that a good choice is to add sweet veggies into their diet, such as, sweet potatoes and carrots. This will ultimately take care of the sweet need and assist in reducing further cravings in the day or evening.

    Thanks for all your knowledge sharing Erin.

    have a Happy Thanksgiving


  2. Post

    Yep, balance baby. A little taste for sweet is naturally and normal. In my Sugar Smackdown I teach my students how to re-calibrate their taste buds so they are satisfied by healthy sweets as opposed to the refined and processed food they are chronically over indulging in. Of course it helps if the chemical and hormone signals are all working properly too! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for your comment!

  3. Lucy

    Hi Erin
    I think I’m really addicted to sugar. I had cancer last year and I really want to take responsibility for my health (embrace my second chance). But I find it so hard! I don’t eat red meat or poultry (just fish) so find it hard to get enough protein, any suggestions? Do you think I should just go cold-turkey on sugar?
    Lucy x

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