Weight Loss Psychology & Benefits of Traditional Food with Antonio Valladares

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Weight Loss Psychology & The Benefits of Traditional Food with Nutritionist, Women’s Health Expert and Author of Healthy Urban Kitchen Antonio Valladares Tuesday Dec. 21st 3pm PST

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I can’t wait to get raw and real about weight loss and traditional foods with Antonio on this upcoming episode of The Shape Show.

Antonio is a nutritionist, exercise specialist, wellness coach and licensed massage therapist in New York City.  He specializes in women’s health. For the last decade he’s been helping women balance hormones, enhance fertility, lose weight naturally and get in the best shape of their life.

Antonio has been rated NYC’s ‘Best Personal Trainer of The Year’ and has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and many other media outlets.

He’s passionate about helping women repair their metabolism from years of dieting, chronic stress and hormonal imbalances and also about helping women enhance fertility through food.

We’ll discuss his mind/body approach to weight loss and how the holidays can actually be a great time to enhance your health and metabolism.

Check out more about Antonio here: burnsports.com or here: healthyurbankitchen.com

Erin HugginsWeight Loss Psychology & Benefits of Traditional Food with Antonio Valladares

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