Drop The Body Drama

I sent out this newsletter yesterday and it made such a HUGE impact that I’m compelled to post it here too.  I had women emailing me and thanking me for this verbal push in the right direction.

I’ve got to get something off my chest. My job as a holistic health coach is to help you get healthy. I can’t do that if you aren’t willing to drop the body drama, take action and make a decision to change.  I’m a tough coach and I get results. I get results because I’m not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, put you on the right path and hold you to your highest.

Here’s the truth…

Your body story is boring. Your friends are sick of hearing about your pudgy, bloated belly, your aches, pains, headaches, coffee addiction, sweet tooth you can’t control and jeans you can’t zip.

If you don’t know how to eat, quit bitching about it, reach out to an expert and get help.

If there’s something wrong with your car,  you don’t let it sit in the driveway and rot do you?  No, you take it to a mechanic and get a tune up. It’s shocking, but many people care for their car more than their own body.

And if you have kids, you are teaching them some very bad habits.

They are learning from you that it’s normal to feel unhealthy, fat and tired.  They are learning that a poor body image and saying degrading things to yourself while getting ready for work in the morning is just what “normal” women do. And guess what, your kids, especially your girls, WILL develop a poor body image. They are learning to nourish themselves by eating out of bags and boxes – doesn’t sound very nourishing at all does it?

But here’s another reason this story is so over.  EVERYONE else is telling the same story too.  And you and I both know, YOU are not like everyone else.

It’s time for you to understand that you will never have radiant health, glowing skin, bounce to your step and a slim, fit, sexy body until you let go of your boring outdated story that no longer serves you and do something different.

Make the decision to change your body story right now. The path you are on is not leading you where you want to go. I have a path that will. Yes, I can be that bold because I see and hear the life-changing results students are getting from working with me in the Sugar Smackdown 21 day detox.

Claim the spot that’s meant for you.  We start this Thursday March 10th.

BTW… I posted some new testimonials, VIDEOS and audio testimonials on the site too.
Love and Light,
Erin HugginsDrop The Body Drama

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