3 Major Metabolism Mistakes

I just got back to my house in the country from spending some time in Los Angeles and boy is spring beautiful in the midwest! These heart-shaped flowers are blooming right outside my back porch. Have you ever seen anything so sweet?!

The last few weeks I’ve had nutrition consults from women all over the world.

Do you know what shocked me?

Women from England to Bosnia Herzegovina to West Africa to all over the United States are making the same mistakes for fat loss and health.

Are you making them too?

Here’s an example of 3 common mistakes I see women making all over the world that are messin’ with your metabolism, health and vitality.

  • Not eating enough food

This is a BIG MISTAKE! Chronically restricting your calories in the name of skinny jeans is destroying your metabolism, harming your health and hurting your ability to drop the weight.

  • Under eating the right kinds of fat and over eating the wrong kinds of fat.

The idea that fat is bad for us is a big fat fallacy. And unfortunately it has created a global fear of fat that is wreaking hormonal havoc.

  • Eating the wrong kinds of carbs

Many women don’t know that fruit and vegetables are carbohydrates and are a FAR superior choice than grains for dropping weight and increasing health and vitality.

Ladies, ladies ladies… If fat loss, health and vitality is your goal. Start…

  1. eating enough food for your activity level
  2. eating the right kinds of fat – eliminate the wrong fats
  3. eating the right kinds of carbs – eliminate the wrong carbs

Making over your metabolism takes time. It takes time to reverse the damage of years of dieting. It takes the right tools, assessments and personal nutritional fine-tuning to correct imbalances and get healthy.

Information does not equal transformation. Piecing together information from Facebook, blogs and videos may get you through the day, but it isn’t a a plan that will help you reach your goal.

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Erin Huggins3 Major Metabolism Mistakes

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