Benefits to being unhealthy, overweight and miserable?

I’m back in LA and getting moved into our new home-base here. As I unpacked my first box in the kitchen I started to think about the concept of secondary gain. I was thinking about how far I’ve come personally and what I used to get out of being overweight.

What is secondary gain? It’s what a person gets out of a problem or issue that prevents them from  taking action and changing.  It’s the benefit from their health issue, weight issue or whatever other problem or issue they are having.

What do you get out of being unhealthy overweight and miserable? Do you get to be a victim? Do you get to blame others and not take responsibility for yourself? Do you get to stay small and not be seen because you’re afraid of being judged? (that was my deal 🙂 Do you get to stay comfortable and avoid confrontation because your new found lifestyle might make your loved ones uncomfortable?

What do you get from not taking action on the next Sugar Smackdown even though you wan to?

Because even though you think it is…. money is not an issue. It never is. Why?  Because every single one of us would find the money if our life depended on it. If our car died and we needed to come up with a few hundred bucks or we couldn’t get to work, we’d beg, borrow or steal to fix it.

Truth is, out of the thousands of people who are exposed to the Sugar Smackdown during each of my class “launches” I only have between 40-50 people who take the action and sign up. Most people just wont take action because they are comfy cozy right where they are and to change would mean to do something different and take personal responsibility.

I  know there are programs and diets out there offering cheap, quick results.  But, isn’t that why you’re still looking for a solution? You can’t get long-term results without all the tools. It’s like trying to build a table with a hammer but no nails. That table is cheap because it has no substance.

I want you to know we’ve got your back. Myself and all the other experts want to see you succeed. I’m not in this to ruin my reputation with a bunch of bad reviews and unhappy clients.

If you take a chance on you, we’ll make sure you have the most amazing life-changing, body-shifting, health-enhancing, mind-bending experience possible. And hey, there’s always that money back guarantee!

Register here. We start This Thursday July 14th at 5pm pst.

P.S You can still bring a buddy and split the tuition. 🙂
Erin HugginsBenefits to being unhealthy, overweight and miserable?

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