Sugar Smackdown Q & A

Next Sugar Smackdown starts Sept. 1st

The kids are back to school and it’s time for mama to deal with her little cupcake “issue.”

I get a lot of questions about the Sugar Smackdown and since it starts in  2 days, I thought I’d address the most common questions. YES, we have our preparation call this Thursday Sept. 1st!

Q: What is the Sugar Smackdown?
A: It’s a nutrition tele-class that helps people break-free from their junky sugary food cravings, gain energy, lose weight if they need to and feel like a rock star about their body. It’s a 21 day program, which means by this time next month you’ll feel like a new person.

Q: I want to take it but can’t make the live calls. Can I still join?
A: Yes! All of the calls will be recorded and available in the passowrd portected members site.

Q: I’m overseas, can I join?
A: Yes, I’ve had people from all over the world in the class. We’d love to have you.

Q: I’m gluten free, are there gluten free  options for me?
A: Yes, there are 100% grain-free options for people just like you!

Q: Can I drink wine in the Sugar Smackdown?
A: No you silly! No booze allowed for the 21 days.

Q: Can I just buy the manual and do it myself?
A: Don’t be silly! Grab a buddy, split the tuition 50-50, pay only $87 bucks and get your booty there! You’ll get the best results in the live program anyway. You want the best for yourself don’t you?

Q: Is this something my family can do?
A: Yes, the entire family can benefit from the Sugar Smackdown.

The next program begins this Thursday Sept. 1st. Register now! Still a few spots left in the “split tuition with a friend!” deal.

Erin HugginsSugar Smackdown Q & A

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