Invisible Weight-Loss and My Big Fat Awakening


My PLR guide, soul therapist Deborah Skye King

I recently had a very transformative experience. It was so profound for me that I’m not even sure I should share it for fear of diluting the sacredness of the experience. And there’s also the fact that putting it into words won’t do it justice and is sure to make me look a little kookoo bananas. But, there’s a MUCH bigger part of me that knows my sharing might inspire you to move into a place of action. I’m so acutely aware of my purpose that I’m willing to look a little bananas if that will help you. So here goes.

A few weeks ago I experienced past life regression with soul therapist Deborah Skye King. In PLR you are taken under hypnosis and guided to explore past lives where you can gather valuable, cathartic and supportive insight for this life. Even as woowoo as I am, I was skeptical. Honestly, I can’t say where I went or what happened exactly and frankly I don’t care.

Whether I was exploring the fascinating abyss of my subconscious mind, accessing the super-conscious mind or time traveling, I’m not really sure. The experience was life-changing and I’m okay with not knowing all the ins and outs of the process. In fact, that was one of the greatest gifts from this experience. It allowed me to let go of my inner control freak. And that opened up so much for me.

I “landed” and could feel my feet inside a pair of simple leather sandals. I could hear the crunch of leaves, bark and twigs under my feet. I could feel the warm air on my olive skin. I looked up and saw a canopy of trees and vines with a splinter of sun shining through. I had long black hair and big, deep round brown eyes. I was in a little village in the jungle and I was a hot village Goddess.

I saw myself sitting in front of a hundred or so villagers in a simple seated pose. Our eyes closed and our breath was calm and focused inward. When asked by my PLR guide what I was doing there, I said, “teaching them how to tap into the sacred healing energy of the earth.” I saw myself sitting there and floating above me was this perfect hologram of myself in pure energetic form. As we continued, I realized the act of sharing of this “process” to the villagers fueled me. And the further we got into the process the bigger and brighter this holographic image of me got. I realized, I was literally plugging into my divine gifts and power.

I felt like I had seen myself for the first time. I was awakened to my life purpose. I awakened to my divine connection to all that was, is and will be.

Opening To Unlimited Possibilities.

I realized that my purpose was to help women break free from emotional eating, from feeling disconnected and powerless and to unlock their inner bad-ass (your fully realized, powerful, sacred self and potential that emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and body drama keeps you from). How is this any different that what I have been doing? After all, I’ve owned my own health and fitness biz and have been helping women lose weight and get healthy since 1999.

While I’ve had great results in my practice I’m clear that this is a spiritual calling for me and that quite literally my own life depends on me helping you improve yours. There’s a huge difference between teaching women how to eat and move and helping them tap into the sacred healing energy of the earth… through Mother Earth’s great gift to us – food.

It’s a paradigm shift. It’s like going from looking at food in terms of scientific research, calories, carbs and grams to looking at food as your divine connection to source energy, to joy, to pleasure and abundant health. I’ve personally been moving towards this paradigm for some time and routinely encourage clients to stop counting calories, listen to their bodies and trust their inner wisdom. And of course health is a by product of eating well and exercise. But, until recently, I never fully realized how massively important it is for women to heal their relationship with food and their bodies. If you are chronically trying to “protect” yourself from painful emotions, uncomfortable situations by diving into a bag of cookies you are literally stunting your own growth as a human being.

According to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. growth and protection are two opposing survival mechanisms and they can not operate optimally at the same time. “Growth processes require and open exchange between an organism and its environment.” Additionally, “protection requires a closing down of the system to wall the organism off from the perceived threat.” He explains in The Biology of Belief that being in a prolonged state of “protection” inhibits the creation of life-sustaining energy. Therefore, the longer you hide behind 40 extra pounds the more you compromise your own growth in all areas of your life.

I’ve been drawn to the invisible forces that powerfully push us to this blissful place of mind/body balance for years. This is why I trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and PSYCH-K facilitator. But, there was always an underlying feeling that these invisible tools, although powerful, weren’t enough. So, I piled on a bunch of nutrition certifications to my repertoire so I could offer women some tangible ways besides pilates to get healthy and lose weight. And I’m glad I did. Because it’s this sacred synergy of skills that really sets me apart from any other health coach.

So what’s my big fat awakening? Do you ever have that feeling that what you’ve been searching for has been staring you in the face all along?

A few years back I created a program called Operation Shape Shift. It taught women how to access their awesome mental powers to release weight they were no longer comfortable with, catapult their confidence and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I had a lot of fun with it and the results were better than expected. I say better than expected because when I launched this program I had no nutrition training and didn’t include any nutrition or food guidance. I was kind of doing the program as an experiment to see if it worked. Well, it did work and here’s some feedback.

“Erin Huggins is such a motivational person, combining her own life experience, practices and charisma, she is able to create this great natural weight loss program. Starting with the root of self-confidence and mental power, the program really works all aspects of establishing a healthy lifestyle. Within a matter of days, I was able to notice a change in my mood, energy level, stamina and eating habits. I could stop eating when I was full, eat more balanced meals and snacks, sleep better and kick butt in my workouts! The amazing thing is that all of these changes were not a false caffeine-high from some over the counter weight loss pill or gimmick, but rather sheer mental alterations to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. It is easy, harmless and fool-proof! It’s like “The Secret” for the mind and body!” Arielle Viny Photographer and Photo Producer

Operation Shape Shift is a remarkable, fresh and simple way to shift your thinking and feel empowered with the battle of the bulge. Operation Shape Shift is unlike any weight loss program I have ever tried — and believe me there have been many. It gave me lifelong tools I needed to be able to take control of my eating habits and have the motivation necessary to get my body moving every single day. I love how I no longer have to buy the newest diet fad, now that I have the knowledge and the power to make healthy choices and lose weight is found within me.” Regan Robinson CMO, partner

One of the reasons I’ve kept Operation Shape Shift in the vault was because I couldn’t explain why it was so successful. After all, I didn’t offer any nutrition advice and only guided participants to eat and exercise instinctively. Plus, at the time I was still very much driven by my ego and my need to be socially accepted and validated by others.

My PLR experience freed me from that. I have tools that aren’t tangible and I’m no longer concerned about defending or explaining them. My goal to help women who are in pain and suffering around their bodies and food is my biggest priority and nothing can keep me from that. Plus, I realize suppressing my gifts creates stagnation and prolongs suffering in so many women who I could otherwise be supporting.

I have invisible and visible tools that will help you break free from emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, lose unwanted weight and feel truly amazing on the inside and out. I’m called to offer this program again.

I’m opening my updated and improved Operation Shape Shift private coaching program to 6 women. You and I will work one-on-one and I’ll guide you to a place of body/mind freedom. You can apply for more information here.

I ask you to be radically honest with yourself…. what is your current state of body, health and relationship with food costing you? Is it costing you freedom? Is it costing you a sustainable loving relationship? Is it costing you money? Is it costing you happiness?

You are not meant to feel alone, powerless and in pain around body issues and food issues. It is your divine right to feel freedom in your body and sustained in spirit.

If you’d like more details about this program, I encourage you to click here and fill out this simple form and let me know you’re interested. I will be in touch either by email or by phone to set up a time to chat so we can see if you’re a fit for the program and vice versa.

In service,


“After the holidays I was in a funk about the pounds I had piled on. When I decided to do OSS I was excited about the idea of getting back on track and losing the weight I had gained.  At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted the method and was happy to take steps to achieve my goal.  This program is extremely motivational and I find it is motivation, in the end, that is the key to losing weight, getting fit and making those changes a part of your life.  Thanks to OSS I understand what needs to be done to lose weight and stay healthy and it’s thanks to OSS that I stay motivated to achieve my goal.” Jessica attorney


Erin HugginsInvisible Weight-Loss and My Big Fat Awakening

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  1. Deborah Skye

    What a gorgeously crafted article of pure expression! Congratulations for sharing this experience and what it has meant to you in it’s grounded unfolding both personally and professionally.

    Being a Soul Therapist allows me to dive deeply into the Soul records and journey into the subconscious realms to open up another’s inherent gifts that as you say, “are staring right at you” but are blinded by daily intoxications by the outside world and past emotional experiences.

    Empowering women by embracing their bodies with high quality food and nutrition along with honoring oneself at any stage of the game, is uniquely owned by you and your personal experience of struggle and then triumph over food. For anyone who encounters your Body Wisdom is blessed.

    Grateful for you,
    Love Deborah Skye

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