How To Make Your Own Calcium Supplement From Egg Shells

Instead of throwing away your egg shells, save them and make your own calcium supplement. It’s easy peasy. One quarter teaspoon 3 times a day provides about 2000 mg of calcium.  You can add the powder to smoothies, drinks, cottage cheese, yogurt, soups and stir frys.

OR simply place 1/4 teaspoon in your mouth followed by a big chug of water (my preferred method – it’s a little gritty, but I’d rather it not ruin the taste of my food)

The best egg shells to use would come from pastured organic chickens.

Step One: Put egg shells in a large pot and bring to boil for several minutes. This kills off any bacteria that might be present on the egg shells.

Step Two: Dry egg shells in a 250 degree oven on a baking dish for about 5 minutes or so. Watching closely so they don’t burn. The goal is not to cook them. You just want to dry them out.

Here they are, fresh out of the oven. Nice and dry.

Step Three: Grind in a coffee grinder or Vitamix (or a coffee grinder) until they are a fine powder.

Voila! Your very own home made fresh calcium powder. Enjoy!

Recipe reference: Josh Rubin The Metabolic Blueprint


Erin HugginsHow To Make Your Own Calcium Supplement From Egg Shells

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  1. winona

    you could then put the pdr in capsules. i make most of my own supplements and it is very easy to do. thanks for the tip.

  2. Elena

    old time how to make it.After you grind it (or not) put it in water for couple days and all calcium will go to water and get calcium water. 🙂 it is how my grandma did

  3. Hempen Heritage

    How long does it keep for. And must it be refrigerated during that time?
    thank you

  4. Cindy Ferry

    I use one of those coffee grinders and then feed the shells back to my chickens and give some to friends that have worm farms.

  5. Post
  6. Post
    Erin Huggins

    I make small batches and it last about a month or so. I suppose if you’re making larger batches refrigerating it couldn’t hurt, but I honestly don’t think it’s necessary since you both boil the shells and bake them.

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  8. kelly

    My mom used to make me take this daily when I was a teenager to help with acne! LOL I thought she was crazy,

  9. maryann

    I do this and then add the powder to raw corn bread, bake as usual and I cut into squares and freeze. I feed the cornbread to my chickens so that they get the extra calcium needed for healthy eggs…it benefits all of us!

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