Discovered! The Greatest Untapped Natural Resource.

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What is the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet?

Is it water?

Is it oil? (definitely not. totally tapped out)

Is it the sun?

Is it a precious medal? Is it a precious gem?

No. No to all of those things.

The greatest untapped natural resource is YOU. You are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet. 

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About an hour after the call ended I got an email from one of the participants who was so fired-up from what she heard she wrote this poem.

I was moved to tears. She said after the call and while writing the poem, “…everything shifted. It’s hard to describe. It was a spiritual moment for me to write it.”

I hope you enjoy this poem from Amber Frances as much as I did.

What are the stakes? Are they high?

My value is gold. I am holy and precious, a treasure, a gem. Never forget it. I’m irreplaceable. I know which way I’m going and I won’t look back.

I am a lover.

A great lover.

I am a passionate artist, a sensitive and imaginative poet. I am quick witted and sharp, lovely and ethereal, I am bold colors.

I am overflowing with love and depth of feeling. I was given a gift.

I will use it.

No one can stop me now.

I write great songs that touch people’s hearts. I communicate love. I communicate art.

I am the feminine musician.

I rock.

I am a role model.

I inspire.

By following my dreams and living my passion I will help free, liberate and inspire.

It’s a responsibility to use my gifts, to try with all of my might, for as long as I can, as hard as I can, to create my best.

The tragedy would be to stop.

The tragedy would be to hide it. 

I am the feminine feminist and the voice of the sensitive, intellectual, beautiful woman. My voice is my power.

I am my father’s dream. I am my mother’s dream. I am my brother’s dream.

I am a legacy.

I was dying in bondage. I was suffocating and my soul was being crushed.

I will never forget how it felt to pretend to be someone else. To let go of what is mine, my heart, my desires, my goals.

Trying to fit into a mold that was not for me. Aspiring to expectations that were not mine. Goals that were not mind. Pride that was not mine. Achievement that was not mine.

Working for someone else. Living for everyone else, never for myself.


I will NOT be another victim of circumstances. I will not lose myself.
I will NOT lose heart.

I will not succumb to being a slave to $, a slave to a man, or to society.

My heart speaks and it says, “Baby, you’re a star. Baby, you’re a fucking rock star and you’ve made it this far.” 

I have been beaten.

I laid down and died.

I’m really not the kind who can trade herself for a handful of love from a mediocre man.

I’m really not the kind who will give up treasure my treasures for a little attention  and a lie, from a guy who doesn’t see my greatness, who pushes me aside.

I got the hell out of Virginia.

I blazed a trail that set me free.

I won’t be lost at sea.


I won’t drown in mediocre goods and promises, housework and a dead heart, being the girl on the phone, with boys crushing me, never believing in me, no.

I won’t bow to a culture that is not my own, with a silent and broken heart, betraying my own vows.


I’ll scream. I shake the scene.
Because I’m the bad girl and the girl of your dreams.



Erin HugginsDiscovered! The Greatest Untapped Natural Resource.

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  1. Nikki Stephens

    This is amazing and so inspiring! I couldn’t make it live but I was glued to th recording! You are a amazing Erin! An inspiration to me. I can wait for the recording to part two 🙂 you helped realize I am a beautiful, vivacious, funny, irreplaceable woman to this world <3

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