Your Biggest Body Fear

When I talk to women about wellness and weight-loss there is a common fear. This fear is so strong that it’s suffocating. This fear is so strong that it’s congesting your cells and crushing your consciousness.

This fear is a life-ruining, dream-drowning, happiness-blocking, energy-draining, life-force-sucking DRAG. 

This fear is like quick sand.

This fear is keeping you stuck.

This fear dims your sparkle and glow.

This fear prevents you from progressing.

This fear repels positive energy and attracts negative energy.

This fear keeps you in body bondage.

This fear keeps you on a body-obsessed hamster wheel.

This is the fear that if you stop dieting you’ll never, ever find the “secret” and you’ll get fat. This is the fear that if you give your body what it craves, you’ll get fat. This is the fear that if you stop “watching what you eat,” you’ll get fat. This is the fear that if you “let go” and eat pleasurable foods, you’ll get fat. This is the fear that if you’re not on a strict, punishing exercise regime, you’ll get fat.

Reality check: this is all bullshit.

Your purpose on this planet is not to suffer and live in this place of fear or obsession around food, weight, your health and your diet. And one more minute of suffering is too much.

You really can end this. You really can go from body bondage to body freedom. You really can get healthy and lose weight without dieting, restricting or obsessing. You really can put a stop to this negative pattern. Forever. Now. And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it:

In this powerful 2 part free tele-class I’m going to share my Body Freedom Formula.

When you join me for this transformative training you’ll discover…

  • What’s really holding you back from having the ideal body and health you deserve
  • Psychological “triggers” to jump-start fat loss and increase energy
  • Mind-set juice that gets you motivated and keeps you motivated
No, you do not need…
  • More fitness knowledge
  • To try another diet
  • To workout more and eat less
  • To deprive yourself of sweets
If you’re willing to open yourself up and join me for this free training I PROMISE you, if you apply what you learn you will experience a PROFOUND shift in your life.
If you’ve ever wondered why…
  • No diet seems to work for you
  • Why you’ve got no motivation or your motivation fizzles quickly
  • Why your pudge won’t seem to budge
….then this free tele-class is for you.
Most likely your’e making your weight-loss and wellness journey into a mountain-out-of-a-mole-hill type of situation and you are putting your focus on the wrong things.
It’s important to know the exact areas to put your energy into so you can get the results you want. 
Take my hand. Let me show you where to start. Imagine what your life could look like if you kicked these fears to the curb and put an end to your body struggles once and for all!

Erin HugginsYour Biggest Body Fear

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  1. Theodora

    Wow Erin this is one great site you got here! Can’t believe it took me so long to find it, I’ve been watching your videos for years! Can’t wait to read all the posts, from what I can tell so far I agree with everything you say, and I’m glad for the advice you give to people! Keep it up! Oh btw I’m a Pilates instructor too, from Greece, if you ever are around you have to let me know! 🙂

  2. Erika Awakening

    This post caught my eye on Facebook. Amen! I am so tired of seeing women on the dieting hamster wheel, and as you say, depriving themselves and punishing themselves. All for no good reason at all.

    Thanks for your straight talk and offering an alternative to a world grown weary of the latest fad diet. Cheers.

    – Erika Awakening

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