Emotional And Craving More!

Don’t beat yourself up for your cravings.

Here’s some quick insight for ya.

It could be your current diet that is causing you to feel…

  • unmotivated
  • sluggish
  • depressed
  • emotional and craving more
  • like a trapped animal

Most people blame themselves for their sweet tooth and junk food cravings. Don’t do it. This will only aggravate things.

I want you to know that behavior is rooted in biology. And food is fuel for your biology.

Food = Magic Wand

Now, I want you to imagine what your body will look and feel like after a 21 day holistic turbo boost.

::Do you think you will look and feel different?

Of course you will.

::Do you think you will have more confidence, motivation and energy?

Of course you will.

::Do you think you’ll have less cravings?

Of course you will. Your body will be nourished.

If food can cause cravings, fatigue and depression, then it can also give you….

  • energy
  • motivation
  • confidence
  • joy

Food = Magic Wand 

Now imagine what your life wold be like free from junk food and sugar slavery. Ahhhhhhh! It would feel good, right?


It feels amazing!

And since you want to feel amazing (you want to feel amazing, right?), my upcoming Sugar Smackdown live tele-training is an opportunity for you to have that.

Are you going to sit on the opportunity or seize the opportunity? 

That part is 100% up to you. 

Here’s some more insight for ya.

Zero action = Zero results.

This is the first Sugar Smackdown in 6 months and since I’m 7 months pregnant, this will be the last one until next year (don’t say I didn’t warn you! 🙂

Click here for more Sugar Smackdown details and to save $50 bucks when you register by Sept. 15th.

I’m also hosting a Sugar Smackdown sneak peek call on Wednesday Sept. 19th. Make sure to get registered here.

To your body freedom!



Erin HugginsEmotional And Craving More!

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