Life Changing Love Letter

This is my first blog since having my baby November 29th. And since becoming a mom my health coaching practice has been put on hold – understandably so.  But you can not believe how ready I am to get back to business!

My little boy is filling my heart with so much love that I’ve never been so incredibly motivated and more mission-driven in all my life. I’ve always had a big desire to help women heal their body drama and go from “woe is me” to “wow is me.” But now… my mission is super-charged with mom-infused love.

A mother’s love is like no force I’ve ever experienced.

It’s unstoppable. It can fuel a fleet of jet planes. It can move mountains. It can sooth the deepest sorrows. It can heal. Becoming a mother has healed.

I’ve experienced my own brand of body drama and going through pregnancy and childbirth brought to the surface some old body wounds that I thought were long since forgotten.

Maybe the Universe thought I needed a refresher course in “body-badmouthing 101.”

Maybe I needed a reminder of the pain many of my clients and far too many women are experiencing every day around their body, health and self-esteem. Maybe I needed a reminder of my purpose. Whatever the reason, thankfully, my resurfacing “woe is me” moment didn’t last long.

Birthing a baby is an an immersion course in love.

The second baby Otis popped out, love was the only thing that existed or mattered. It was as if, at that moment, I was literally bathed in LOVE. And all of the sudden the cellulite and pounds I had accumulated while pregnant and spent even a second whining about seemed like the most superficial, trite and boring waste of my time ever (just reading that back to myself makes me shiver).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I feel sexier without a dimply derriere and will happily say goodbye to the pregnancy pounds – but I’m certainly not going to waste one second of my very precious life experience unfairly evaluating my self-worth by these things. And neither should you.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. A week from today is Valentines Day. And although, it’s often referred to in jest as a “Hallmark Holiday,” I invite you to use it as an excuse to retire any old ideas of self-justement, shame, or worthlessness (lies) about yourself that might be lingering in your consciousness. I invite you to stop indulging in insults and body-bashing. I invite you to choose self love instead.

Having a baby was my re-awakening to love. Good news though…baby birthing is not required for yours! Birthing a new, precious and miraculous life, made me realize more than ever, that self-love is more than the absence of self-loathing and negativity. Loving yourself is a deliberate act and choice. It’s a decision to recognize and follow up with an embrace of who you really are – an expression of love, an example of love, the essence of love…. love.

I invite you to write yourself a love letter.

This radical act of self-love, could be a life-changing moment. It could offer you a shift in trajectory from a path and pattern of body-bad-mouthing to self-acceptance, enlightened vibrancy and body bliss.

Go nuts about yourself. Throw down some serious self-love like nobody’s reading! It could be the best love letter you ever receive.

Love and Lightness,



Erin HugginsLife Changing Love Letter

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  1. Martje

    Dear Erin,

    This is one of the best advices ever! I’m recovering from a burn out and depression, caused by low self-esteem, by always trying to comply with others expectations, by fears, etc… This is just what I needed! I decided to love myself for everything that I am and to get rid of all this negativeness and only allow self-love and positiveness in my life. On this Valentines Day, I wrote myself a love letter as I have never received before and will probably never. But I feel like I’ve got to known myself better and I feel great 🙂

    Much love

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