Obey Her For Faster Fat Loss

It’s time to surrender your slim-down struggle. For good this time. And I know a woman who can teach you how.

She’s the older, wiser YOU. And her wisdom goes something like this..

If it’s physical weight you wish to release, you must first release the weight on your heart. You must unburden your body of unprocessed shame, guilt, worry, judgement, sorrow and sadness. You must stop living your life in fear and start living your life in love. 

As soon as you “lighten-up” your mind, your body will follow.

In order to do this, you must stop giving food a power it does not have. Food can not heal a broken heart. Food can not ease the pain of loss or rejection. Food can not wrap warm arms around you and hold you tight. Food can not remove the fears of stepping into uncharted territory. Food can not give you confidence or boost your self-esteem.  Food is neutral.

Emotional eaters often have a difficult time processing emotion – which is why they turn to food. But, food can not process emotion for you – it can simply give you temporary relief from the heaviness on your heart.

It’s crucial that you honor the part of you – the troubled child – who binges on a box of cookies for diner instead of eating her sweet potato and baked chicken.

She simply wants to be heard. It’s damn time you stopped ignoring her and started to listen.

What she has to say might not be that difficult after all. But, when you ignore her – she feels abandoned, disowned, rejected, and throws a massive temper tantrum of the likes of 40 extra pounds, until you’re finally willing to meet her face-to-face.

Another diet or cleanse or fast will not help you release the emotional burdens manifested as a physical force field between you and the rest of the world.

Fear is not a fat loss plan.

Only love can help you dissolve this barrier. And just as food can not heal your emotional wounds, neither can losing weight. This is the illusion that keeps you believing you simply haven’t found that miracle diet. On the contrary, it is the miracle mindset and healing those wounds that allows for a permanent shift if your physiology.

My darling — if it’s “fast fat loss” you’re looking for, it’s time to stop ignoring the troubled child within. She has a message for you and the messenger never rests, until the message is received.

With Love, Lightness and Laughter,

Your older wiser self.

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Erin HugginsObey Her For Faster Fat Loss

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