About Those Last 10 Pounds

Sometimes we get confused. We think we want or need something when we actually don’t. For example, let’s look at those “last 10 pounds” you’re always obsessing over.

I recently asked a client if she had the career she wanted, money rolling in and the lifestyle of her dreams would those 10 pounds matter? Without hesitation she said, “NO!”

Another client wanted desperately to drop down to 110. When I investigated further it turned out she had a secret desire to make a dramatic career change. Being in her late forties with young children at home, she was conflicted and insecure about going back to work after years as a stay at home mom.

Interestingly, 110 was her weight in college before meeting her husband, getting married and having children. What she was really looking for was the feeling of freedom and confidence she had at that time in her life and thought (unconsciously at the time) if she could only get down to that weight she’d magically have unshakable self-confidence.

Ask yourself: Do I really need to lose weight? If so, then put a plan into action. Make it happen. And do it because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself.

Strive To Be MORE you

::Maybe you don’t need to lose a single ounce.
::Maybe your authentic self – the you deep inside your core – is simply wanting to be free.
::Maybe you’ve been walking around with a layers of your parents expectations.
::Maybe you’ve got 10 pounds of fear wrapped around you.
::Maybe you feel you need to hide the real you and those “stubborn 10 pounds” is your security blanket.

I invite you to invoke the real you. When you become more authentically and naturally you, your natural weight will realign.

Erin HugginsAbout Those Last 10 Pounds

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