How To Overcome Fear – 3 Tips To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear

3 Tips To Overcome Fear

3 tips overcome fearI’ve experienced paralyzing fear in my life and let me tell you… it sucks. I know what it feels like to dream big, and feel like such a big ‘o loser that those big dreams feel out of reach.

And I’ve also done the self-work necessary to bust through that terror barrier into… FREEDOM!

Freedom to be myself. No apologies.

If you’re currently feeling stuck, follow my 3 tips to overcome fear and I promise you will start to see magic unfold in your life.


How to Overcome Fear – Tip 1

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Overcome Fear1Compare and despair. It causes instant paralysis. You will never take a step forward when you are chronically judging yourself next to someone else. It’s an irrational mind-fuck.

It’s like comparing two snow flakes, or two fingerprints, or two beautiful innocent babies.

And when you do it, you’re kind of being a super jerk to yourself.

What if your best friend said to you: “you shouldn’t “go for it!” because you’re not like Angie.” Or “yeah, you can’t have that because you were raised in Nebraska, you don’t have a degree in public speaking, so you should definitely not try that. Especially, since there are so many people who are already talking about________, you should probably find something else that lights you up.”

If your friend would compare you to others and discourage you from following your dream – fire her.

Could you imagine a mom saying to her baby: “Hey kid. You shouldn’t try to walk. Other babies are trying to walk and that’s for them to have and not you. Just be satisfied with crawling around on the floor and picking up scraps your whole life.”

Isn’t that what you’re doing when you are comparing yourself to someone else? You’re saying… “I’m not good enough. I’ll just take the leftovers.” Gross. This makes my skin crawl. I did this for years and it took me straight to nowheresville.

You’re not like Angie. Or Traci. Or Christina. Or Becky. Or Gina. And I’m bored. Aren’t you bored with compare and despair? You’re not supposed to be like someone else or at the same place as someone else or better than someone else or less than or anything else.

How to Overcome Fear – Tip 2

Feel the fear and bring it with you.Ā 

Overcome Fear2You’ve got your sights set on something big. A new business. A new body. A new boyfriend. A new song. A new book. A new baby. A new speaking gig.

Awesome! You’re not sitting in a stew of complacency. Those butterflies mean you’re on to something.

How about you decide to do it anyway and simply bring the fear along for the ride? You might just find when you reach your destination “fear” decided to hitchhike back to bullshit island to hang out with… doubt, anxiety, panic, shutter and worry.

When you bring the fear with you and do it anyway, you have an opportunity to put fear to the test. If you don’t do this, then you’re essentially saying, “fear, you win.” Why not give yourself the benefit of the doubt? Take a step in faith.

How to Overcome Fear – Tip 3

Overcome Fear3Meditate on feeling good and associate those feelings to the area of your life you feel fear. This ninja NLP mindset trick is called anchoring.

Anchoring gives you the power to change your mindset or mood instantly.

We can also have unconscious anchors. And you may have an unconscious anchor that is causing you to feel fear or paralyzed in a particular area of your life.

While working with a coach trained in NLP, like myself or someone else, will be the quickest way to unhook a negative anchor and create a new positive anchor, below is a simple exercise you can do on your own to support you in moving past your fear.

Begin to really focus your attention on areas of your life where you excel. Focus on what brings you joy, happiness and pleasure.

Where do you feel really confident?

Where do you feel really proud?

Continue to think about how good you feel. Feel those feelings until you are back in that moment where you feel really wonderful about yourself. Now, very quickly think about the area in your life you feel fear. And back to the area you feel good.

Continue to associate these good positive feelings to this area where you feel stuck and in fear. Feeling is the magic word here. Since what you feel becomes real – it’s best to focus on feeling confident, then feeling fearful.

Whatever you do, get into action. Getting out of fear and into freedom is experiential. Fear dissolves when you move towards it, not away from it. Promise.

Love and Light,


Erin HugginsHow To Overcome Fear – 3 Tips To Overcome Fear

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  1. Lex

    Very cool. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for being so generous of spirit and posting this šŸ™‚

  2. Sarah G

    Hey Erin!
    It’s Sarah, your former client šŸ™‚ I LOVE this video, especially when you talked about how the longer we focus on fear and feeling paralyzed, the longer we’ll be in that space. I’ve had a VERY emotional and fearful summer, but I think I’m realizing that I keep focusing on how sucky this summer has been. Maybe if I stop thinking and talking about how sad/anxious/angry I’ve felt this summer, my mindset will change. I mean, I’ll still acknowledge my feelings, but maybe not ruminate on the fact that this summer has been really hard. You’re awesome. And Otis is awesome, too!

  3. Linda

    Big issue, that we carry along with from childhood! At 60 I still do and have been working on breaking through this because in all homesty all you hurt is yourself because the fear keeps you from doing things that are actually fun and enlarge your world. Fear is a self made prison!

  4. Julie Lenhert

    Loved your video Erin! The ideas came across without a hitch, covered some great points of getting unstuck, love your beautiful baby boy, and can’t wait to continue the training in just a couple weeks in Los Angeles. See you there!

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    Erin Huggins

    Hi Sarah! I think of you often, you are such a beautiful spirit! Yes, thanks for making that point. Acknowledge the feelings. That is so important! Maybe a little EFT (emotional freedom technique) could help you move through what you’re experiencing with ease and grace.

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