I’m Retiring! Want My Clients?

Big changes. Cha, cha, cha changes!

After 15 years as a health coach, I’m retiring. Yes, it’s true.

I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished in my business and the people I’ve been able to support along the way.

And after my pregnancy and maternity leave I realized the transformation I experienced was beyond becoming a mother.

So many amazing things have shifted for me over the last few years. And as cliche as it sounds, what I can tell you is this: always, always, always honor the desires of your heart. Even if it’s just a faint whisper, listen.

I LOVE helping other coaches, fitness, wellness, nutrition and heart-based business owners with their business. It’s a thrill I can only compare to being at a concert and feeling the energy of the music and the crowd. You know what I’m talking about? It’s a cellular super-charge!

In fact, in a former life I used to manage a night club, book bands and promote bands for a living. I was responsible for filling a 1000 capacity venue, night after night for many years.

I used my natural talents as a promoter & marketer on my health coaching business and created a very profitable fitness and wellness brand. And I’d like to help you do the same.

Now that I’m out of the game, that means my potential clients need someone else to turn to. (is that you? if so, click here to apply for a biz strategy session)

And, if you’ve been following me because you wanted to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle, I’ll totally understand if you leave. No hard feelings.

But, before you go, consider this… someday you might want to

  • learn how to generate more income
  • learn how to turn your passion into a career
  • start a home business
  • use the internet to market your current business or passion project
  • create packages, programs and services that would really help your current audience
  • learn techie things like, how to use keynote to make simple logos, or how to make tweaks to your website with out a designer
  • start using Youtube to promote your mission and you want to know how to do it correctly
  • and so much more fun stuff!

As I switch gears, consider how it could benefit you in other ways. While, I might not support you with smoothie recipes, instead I’ll provide recipes for a different kind of success. I hope you’ll stay.

To listening to your heart. Always.
Love and Success,

ps. I’ll be making some changes to my website to reflect my new offerings. Stay tuned!

Erin HugginsI’m Retiring! Want My Clients?

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