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How To Get Unstuck. Plus, Myth Busted.

How To Get Unstuck

Are you waiting to feel confident so you can finally take action?

It’s a myth that you need confidence first.  It’s a big, bad, myth that needs some major busting. 


You don’t need confidence before you start to go for that big goal. In fact, to get any result you want out of life… whether it’s a new job, a new house, a new body, a new business etc, you need to take ACTION even if you don’t feel confident.

Why? I mean… won’t you look like a big fool if you do something before you feel confident in doing it? Well, yes! You might feel like a big ‘o fool. But, guess what? EVERYONE feels like this when they step up or step out.

THIS is the way. Taking action before feeling confident… this is the way you begin to turn that feeling around. This is HOW you start to manifest any desire you have in your heart.

It’s in action that you send the signals to your body, your brain and the universe that you’re ready. That feeling of confidence everyone waits for… it doesn’t come until AFTER you’ve taken action.

Stop stalling. Stop using “I don’t feel confident” as your excuse to not do anything. Be okay with feeling a wee bit foolish. Embrace the adventure. I double dare you to prove me wrong.

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Erin HugginsHow To Get Unstuck. Plus, Myth Busted.

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