Break Free Now

Feeling Trapped?

  • Do you feel stuck inside someone else’s body?
  • Are you constantly battle cravings for junky sugary carbs or salty, crunchy snacks?
  • Are you on a roller coaster of energy ups and downs?
  • Do you feel you’re missing out on your life because of constant body drama?
  • Are you lacking motivation and can’t seem to workout or prepare healthy meals?
  • Are you confused and fed up with all the conflicting diet, nutrition and fitness advice out there?
  • Have you tried portion control and “healthy eating plans” and will power with no success?
  • Be honest… are you constantly bad-mouthing and beating yourself up?

IF you can relate to any of the above questions, I have a confession to share…

I completely understand because I’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel too.

I never had a food, weight or body image “problem” until my early 20’s. It started when I dropped out of college. I never wanted to go to college, but also wanting to “fit in” and not wanting to disappoint my family and be a “good girl,” I enrolled and majored in psychology.

Funny thing was, I had been working on campus since the age of 15. I had a University of Missouri staff I.D, keys to the maize genetics lab I worked in… but had no interest in being a student.

Here I am at the University of Missouri maize genetics research lab at age 16 running a DNA isolation. You know… your typical high-school job.

About 2 years into college I dropped out. I had no interest in what I was learning… it wasn’t woowoo enough for me! During my teens one of my favorite spots to hang out was the hippy bookstore reading about kundalini energy, yoga and all the magical things we could do with our minds. I was fascinated with hypnosis, the meaning of our dreams, energy work, acupuncture, homeopathy, herbs etc.

I felt like a failure.

I started working at a night club as an assistant. I would do whatever the club needed – run errands, pick up the band from the hotel, assist the servers, ticket booth etc. I worked my way “up the ladder” eventually becoming a bartender, then manager in charge of promotions. It was a thrilling time in my life actually. I got to see amazing bands and meet legendary performers like Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry.

But as thrilling as it was, it wasn’t fulfilling. There was something missing. On the surface, I was the girl with the golden key. I was a superstar. But on the inside, I was miserable, drowning in low self-esteem and falling apart.

I began to lose control.

I drank at the bar nearly every night. I gave no care to what I was eating and would eat pizza and drive through garbage on a daily basis. I didn’t have the skills to deal with the emotions I was having so I numbed-out. I don’t know how much weight I gained and I don’t even remember feeling as if I had gained weight. I just remember waking up one day and I was… huge. At least that’s how I felt.

The one saving grace was meeting my husband at age 21. He saved my life. Had I not met him, had we not gotten married, had he not wanted to move to LA to be an actor, I would not have had the awakening that I did.

But, awakening does not equal transformation. That came later.

We moved to Los Angeles in ’97. Through a night-club/ music industry connection I started working for infamous punk-princess Courtney Love.

Courtney Love was my first “life-coach.”  I was her estate manage and personal assistant but I got so much more out of working for her than a paycheck. I learned two powerful life-lessons:

  1. I deserve to live my dreams, no matter how outrageous, different and “out of the ordinary” they seemed.
  2. Life is too short to waste away on booze, drugs and food.

I went back to school… but this time I did it my way.  I dropped 35 pounds through taking very deliberate actions I learned. I studied body work and became certified as a massage therapist. I became certified as a pilates instructor through the prestigious, Body Arts and Science International. I got certified as a nutritional counselor and wellness consultant. Then later studied two very specific nutrition protocols: Metabolic Typing and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Throughout it all, I continued to embrace my woowoo side and became certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, an NLP coach and PSYCH-K facilitator.

The combination of my personal experience, my divine gifts, talents and my training is truly unique. I can’t think of another trainer or coach who has this synergy of mind/body modalities and credentials with which to support the transformation of other women.  And I am very proud to say that.

How I help women break free from emotional eating, drop the body drama and baggage, get fit and unlock their inner bad-ass:

  • no counting calories, carbs, points or measuring
  • no deprivation, starvation, restriction or punishment “diets”
  • no to quick fix, stop-gap measures or body transformation band-aids.
  • no punishing, energy zapping, long, boring exercise.
  • no low carb, high carb, low fat, no fat, sugar free, diet or other vitality draining non foods


  • feeding your spirit
  • interpreting your body’s own unique language
  • eating for health, vitality and pleasure… even desserts!
  • telling your inner good girl to “F*ck Off!” and living the life of your dreams.
  • working out less and getting better results

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Not only have I transformed my own life, but I’ve helped hundreds of women across the globe through private and group coaching make changes that they never thought were possible. I was convinced I’d be a bartender for life. Thanks to facing my fears, saying yes to myself and investing in coaching –  I’m living a life of a legend. And so can you.

My holistic approach will help you unhook a hidden emotional eating trigger. Teach you how to activate your desire and motivation for long-lasting mind/body transformation.

My coaching follows a 3 step process, all of which are rooted in one core principle: FREEDOM.

– Freedom from emotional triggers and mental programming that literally keeps you trapped in an unhealthy cycle of emotional eating (and/ or drinking) and lack of exercise motivation.

– Freedom from food and body drama and the pain that comes with that.

– Freedom from diet dogma and one-size-fits-all approaches.

– Freedom to love yourself, love your life and be healthy, happy and vibrant.

Does this strike a chord with you? Then, my next question is… are YOU ready for freedom.

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