Life Without Limits VIP Program

Part health, part hustle – this 90 day VIP program will take you on a journey from woe is me to wow is me. This one-on-one weekly program will guide you to invoke the real you. This woman has unshakable self-confidence, elevated energy and body freedom.

Week by week your fear will dissolve into freedom as you access your inner wisdom and true self.  You will no longer ignore your health goals, numb-out in a pint of ice-cream or be hesitant to live life – instead, you crumble the barriers to your health and happiness and unleash your limitless potential and power.


  • Releasing your self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Having more fun, adventure, love and laughter
  • Feeling more energetic, beautiful and safe in your skin
  • Making peace with food and saying goodbye to dieting or emotional eating
  • Happily saying hello to healthy, consistent habits
  • Experiencing joy and comfort about your body
  • Having more ease and balance in your life
  • Attracting more opportunities and income

With me as your success and vitality sherpa, together we will “rough-it” through your rocky and restless inner terrain towards a calm and confident inner landscape that will manifest in tangible real-world transformation.

::Life Without Limits Will Help You::

  • Create and execute a customized health and vitality plan
  • If needed, trigger weight-loss naturally
  • Measure and optimize your metabolism
  • Develop a clear and concise vision for success
  • Liberate yourself from emotional scars that hold you back
  • Rise above jealousy and envy and cultivate unwavering self-worth
  • Break-free from body drama into body-freedom

Through our work together in the Life Without Limits Program you will…

  • Feel more motivated, inspired and enthusiastic about your life
  • Have total clarity about your health, body and lifestyle goals and how to achieve them 
  • Develop trust in your inner wisdom when it comes to food and ditch the diet mentality
  • Create more pleasure in your everyday life – especially when it comes to nourishment
  • Feed your hungry heart and turn off your appetite for unhealthy eating behaviors & fad diets
  • Trigger your digestive powers, metabolism and vitality
  • Create sacred rituals that ignite a strong feminine force – turning on your source of divine power
  • Feel fully confident in who you are as a woman
  • Use mind-technology to strengthen your self-image and get your goals

::Week 1: From Foggy To Focused, Plus Program Nuts & Bolts. Get clear on your goals. Together we will review the intake process that includes a comprehensive written interview.

::Week 2: Unlocking Your Infinite Power.  Discover proven and practical mental-technology (no affirmations) to initiate your transformation process. Plus, intake form review and customized food recommendations.

::Week 3: Immersion Therapy. In this session you will experience yourself having accomplished your goal. Using the power of hypnotherapy you will have a mind/body sensory experience of the “future you.” This experience will help eliminate any remaining unconscious self-limiting programming.

::Week 4: Diet Recovery & Discovery. Unburden the body and the mind from harmful “health” concepts like cleansing, fasting & detoxing and re-build trust in your taste-buds, satiety signals and food cravings.

::Week 5: Building Your Alter & Body Love Rituals. They say, “what’s placed on the alter is altered.” Learn sacred strategies for releasing emotional burdens and strengthening desires and goals. Explore rituals to develop habits of beauty – natural skin & beauty recipes & remedies included.

::Week 6: Develop Unwavering Self-Worth and Super-Charged Self-Confidence. Learn how to calm the inner “troubled child” and instantly bring forth your confidence with the “Circle of Excellence” exercise.

::Week 7: Measure Your Metabolism, Purge Your Pantry. Mess, clutter and a pantry full of trashy foods are a reflection of a distressed mind – which equates to a distressed body.  Purge your pantry and kitchen of foods that drain energy. Plus, learn simple techniques to measure your metabolism and thyroid function at home without expensive lab tests.

::Week 8: Exercise & Eating For Energy. Together we will create an exercise program you will love. It will include… pleasure, not punishment and less, not more. Plus, you’ll learn foods that deplete your body energy “bank account,” and foods that give energy deposits. In addition, we explore the metabolic power of rhythm.

::Week 9: Building Your Alter, Plus Comprehensive Check In. They say, “what’s placed on the alter is altered.” Learn sacred strategies for releasing emotional burdens and strengthening desires and goals. Explore rituals to develop habits of beauty and beckon In addition, we do a thorough review of goals and progress thus far.

::Week 10:  Feel Your Feelings, Don’t Feed Your Feelings. It might sound counter-intuitive but highly-passionate women often times have a hard time processing their emotions. If you “feel deeply” you might end up stuffing those feelings down. Learn how to keep others from sabotaging your nutrition and lifestyle goals. This is an especially empowering session for emotional eaters.

::Week 11: Goals Beyond Body. It’s time to give birth to a new you. We will dissolve any of what remains of the fortress of fear so you make be open to embodying the highest and truest version of yourself. (timeline exercise)

::Week 12: Celebrate and Next Steps

The Program Includes:

  • thorough intake process
  • twelve (12) 60 minute private coaching calls – 1 call weekly
  • recording of all calls for future review and use of the program
  • weekly action steps to guide you toward your goal
  • free access to my Burn & Firm Pilates workout video vault

This Program is For You If:

  • You’re a yo-yo dieter and feel you never address the root cause of your health, body, food and lifestyle challenges.
  • You’re done undervaluing yourself, playing small and watching women around you reach their goals while you circle back to the same issues.
  • You’re ready to super-charge your mind & body confidence
  • You’re on information overload and feeling overwhelmed. You need someone to taken your hand and guid you, step-by-step.


Erin HugginsLife Without Limits VIP Program