I’m Retiring! Want My Clients?

Big changes. Cha, cha, cha changes!

After 15 years as a health coach, I’m retiring. Yes, it’s true.

I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished in my business and the people I’ve been able to support along the way.

And after my pregnancy and maternity leave I realized the transformation I experienced was beyond becoming a mother.

So many amazing things have shifted for me over the last few years. And as cliche as it sounds, what I can tell you is this: always, always, always honor the desires of your heart. Even if it’s just a faint whisper, listen.

I LOVE helping other coaches, fitness, wellness, nutrition and heart-based business owners with their business. It’s a thrill I can only compare to being at a concert and feeling the energy of the music and the crowd. You know what I’m talking about? It’s a cellular super-charge!

In fact, in a former life I used to manage a night club, book bands and promote bands for a living. I was responsible for filling a 1000 capacity venue, night after night for many years.

I used my natural talents as a promoter & marketer on my health coaching business and created a very profitable fitness and wellness brand. And I’d like to help you do the same.

Now that I’m out of the game, that means my potential clients need someone else to turn to. (is that you? if so, click here to apply for a biz strategy session)

And, if you’ve been following me because you wanted to learn how to create a healthy lifestyle, I’ll totally understand if you leave. No hard feelings.

But, before you go, consider this… someday you might want to

  • learn how to generate more income
  • learn how to turn your passion into a career
  • start a home business
  • use the internet to market your current business or passion project
  • create packages, programs and services that would really help your current audience
  • learn techie things like, how to use keynote to make simple logos, or how to make tweaks to your website with out a designer
  • start using Youtube to promote your mission and you want to know how to do it correctly
  • and so much more fun stuff!

As I switch gears, consider how it could benefit you in other ways. While, I might not support you with smoothie recipes, instead I’ll provide recipes for a different kind of success. I hope you’ll stay.

To listening to your heart. Always.
Love and Success,

ps. I’ll be making some changes to my website to reflect my new offerings. Stay tuned!

Erin HugginsI’m Retiring! Want My Clients?

4 New Year’s Resolutions Not To Make. This Year, Make These Instead…

New Year’s Resolutions can be great. They can also be cliche, meaningless expressions that lack true importance and motivation power. Here are 4 New Year’s Resolutions not to make this year followed by some warm and fuzzy suggestions instead.

1. Lose Weight.

Everyone is over this resolution. And secretly you’re over it too. So why make it again this year? Don’t.

Instead: Feel Good In My Body. I’m not saying that weight loss isn’t a valid desire or worthwhile goal to have, but how much you weigh is not a measure of your value and I’m sick of seeing women struggle with this. Surely you have more to concern yourself with than your thighs? You might need to lose weight. And you might not. But, maybe you only think you need to lose weight because Cosmopolitan tells you your perfectly normal and healthy female body doesn’t measure up to their ridiculous and unrealistic “beauty” standards.

Think about it. Before you write ‘lose weight’ on your 2014 to do list ask yourself if YOU really want it or need it. Ultimately it’s the feeling that you believe being thin will provide. It’s the feeling of lightness. The feeling of freedom. You don’t have to be skinny to feel that way.

What can you do besides lose weight, that will provide you with that feeling? First off, you can stop caring so much about what other people think. If people judge you based on how you look, then fuck ’em. Secondly, stop waiting to live your life until you “look like her.” Give yourself permission to live in the moment, to be happy now and to feel good in your body. And who knows, if you really do need to lose weight it might just happen automatically as a result of you living and moving more!


{photo credit: rebloggy.com}

2. Raw Vegan Juice Fast.

In fact, please do not start the New Year with a detox, cleanse, fast or any extreme or restrictive fad diet in the name of health. Stop lying to yourself that these are the normal behaviors of someone who is on a health kick. They aren’t. It’s orthorexic, unhealthy and driven by aesthetics to chronically “clean your body out.” Trust me. I’ve been there. I told myself for years that I was doing The Master Cleanse every 6 – 12 months for health reasons. Bullshit. I did it to maintain my skinny body because I was afraid of being that “fat girl” I was in my early 20’s. It’s disordered. It’s not healthy. And it’s actually damaging to your body, your metabolism and your long term health.


                           {photo credit: youaresocool.net}

Instead: Relish in a healthy diet that provides sufficient calories, optimal nourishment and occasional fun. In other words, practice healthy moderation. Instead of forking over the cash to yet another magic bullet, maybe give your body a little credit? If it’s shiny bells and whistles you’re looking for, then by all means give it a fancy name… Operation Moderation! Or the MMP – short for the Magical Moderation Program. Fancy! Shiny! Sexy!

3.  Workout 60 Minutes A Day.

Boring. No wonder you’re not motivated to exercise. Fist off, your brain will have a hard time getting started with this type of ambiguous goal. You need to be much more specific. Also, to keep your motivation for movement high it also needs to be something you enjoy.

Instead: Consistent & fun exercise. One way to discover how your body really enjoys moving is to register for LivingSocial, Groupon or other local coupon site and purchase exercise coupons. This lets you try some new, fun and interesting physical activity at least once a week until you find your perfect fit. Try bootcamp, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, dance fitness or piloxing or whatever looks fun and will get your body moving.

4. No Negative Thoughts

Well, shit. I’ve had about 10 negative thoughts since starting this blog post. My husband shared a great metaphor with me: “We all have negative thoughts. They’re like birds flying over head. Notice and acknowledge them, just don’t let them land and build a nest.”

Instead: I Embrace The Complexity Of  My Mind. I’m definitely not a fan of self-vicimization and woe-is-me inner dialog. I will not abuse myself with the fat-talk or self-shaming. And I hope you won’t either.

And there is a dark side to being human that shouldn’t be discounted or ignored. Life isn’t all pink paint and rainbows. Embrace the depth of who you are. One of the most beautiful acts of self love is allowing yourself to be unapologetically you. Plus, what you feel, you can heal.

Here’s to a pleasurable, prosperous and powerful 2014. ~ Erin

Erin Huggins4 New Year’s Resolutions Not To Make. This Year, Make These Instead…