The Perfect Body Myth

Here’s the lie you’re being told about your body:  health and happiness comes in a size 2, with thigh gap and a six pack.

Here are some examples of how that lie gets embedded into your consciousness and how you start to believe it…


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Erin HugginsThe Perfect Body Myth

Help Wanted: Your Free Body Program

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.

I’m gathering a group of women from around the world for a f.r.e.e four week tele-program and I wonder if you’d like to join us?
This program is a beta-test for a program I’m going to be re-launching after the first of the year. Here’s the catch: because it’s a new program I need feedback, testimonials and “buzz.” It’s that simple.
You can imagine you’re tasting a new recipe for the head chef at a restaurant. In exchange for your feedback he can make the meal even more delicious and you get to have a super scrumptious dish for F.R.E.E.
Plus, there’s something super satisfying knowing that you were somewhat responsible for co-creating a masterpiece! Know what I mean?!
You will want to participate if you have a history of extreme dieting, cleansing or fasting; if you have a history of punishing yourself with exercise (or of not exercising enough – another form of abuse), if you are chronically judging your body and looking to “fix” it and are seeking to feel good in your skin, find balance and build inner and outer strength. 

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Erin HugginsHelp Wanted: Your Free Body Program