Eggtastic! Healthy Family Farms Schools Us on Eggs & Chickens

I’m always perplexed by labels on egg cartons boasting “all vegetarian feed.” Are chickens being denied their natural diet? Chickens are NOT vegetarians – they eat grubs, worms, grasshoppers, snakes etc… Is this label supposed to mean that the chickens are not fed ground up chickens? I’m confused by this issue… anyone understand this and can clear it up that would be awesome!! Thanks to Healthy Family Farms for schooling us on the natural diet of chickens! If you are in Los Angeles you can find them at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday.

Erin HugginsEggtastic! Healthy Family Farms Schools Us on Eggs & Chickens

Corporate Control of the World’s Food Supply – Farmers Committing Suicide.

I recently started investigating genetically modified foods and the control of our food supply by large corporations – one in particular Monsanto. What I’m discovering is horrifying. Terrible things are happening to small farmers who do not “submit” to the demands of these large corporations.  And even when they do their natural environment may not support the seeds provided by Monsanto. 1300 farmers committed suicide in India in 2007.

I wanted to post these videos to stir up some passion to buy food from locally grown organic farmers whenever you can! Support your local farmer who is trying to keep our food supply pure, natural, clean, organic and healthy.

Erin HugginsCorporate Control of the World’s Food Supply – Farmers Committing Suicide.

Why I Eat Animals.

Back in my early 20’s I went on the Atkins diet for a short time to help me lose some weight I gained in college. The weight melted off almost like magic and I felt great. Now, there were plenty of vegetarians back home in Missouri, but when I moved to Los Angeles I was bombarded by vegetarian and vegan restaurants and “health conscious” fanatics whose ideas about nutrition were quite different from the “traditional” diet I had been raised on and the Atkins diet that I did so well losing weight on. I started to feel bad about eating meat. I started to feel like I wasn’t a good person.  

My new friends were telling me that I was eating the “energy” of an animal being slaughtered and that negative energy will cause me harm and eating meat causes heart disease and world hunger and suffering all over the globe. Well, shit, I definitely didn’t want to be a part of any of that! So, I did what any good, caring, conscientious animal and self-loving person would do. I became a vegetarian. But the pressure continued, and I decided to go all the way and became a vegan.  This was an opportunity for me to cleanse all that negativity out of me from doing the Atkins diet and eating all those animals.

My new healthy diet consisted mostly of beans and rice, lots of veggies, salads, fruit, nut butters, humus, soy burgers, soy dogs, soy deli “meat”, soy milk, soy cheese, soy pudding, soy ice cream, soy mayo… hey, I had to get my protein somewhere!

Now I was as pure as can be, light as a feather, free from negative animal energy and full of integrity. (Cue Sarah Mclaughlin music and picture me running through a field of wild flowers.)

Skreeeeeeeeeeeetch…….wanna know what really happened?  

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Erin HugginsWhy I Eat Animals.

Test Your Fitness IQ

Ask yourself these 10 simple questions to test your fitness knowledge. 

1.  You must do 60 continuous minutes of cardio to effectively lose fat.

False. In fact the best fat burning workout is not long continuous cardio, but rather 20-30 minutes of intervals. It’s better to shift back and forth from low to high intensity. 

2.  It’s important to stretch your muscles before a workout.

False. Stretching cold muscles is a mistake that could lead to injury. Make sure to stretch after a workout while the muscles are warm.

3.  Lifting weights helps you lose fat. 

True. Weight lifting builds muscle. Muscle requires more energy than other tissue in the body and therefore the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. 

4.  The best way to lose fat around the tummy and get a six pack is to do hundreds of abdominal exercises.

False:  You will never get a six pack regardless of how many crunches you do unless you ad some high intensity aerobic exercise to your routine.  You can’t spot reduce. Add a spinning class to your workout to lose overall body fat and allow that six pack to reveal itself! 

5.  The best time to exercise is when you have time.

True. There is no point in setting your alarm for 5am if you know you wont get up. Do what you can to make exercise easy for you. It’s better to do it later in the day than not at all. The key is to be consistent. 

6.  One pound of fat = 3500 calories.Read More

Erin HugginsTest Your Fitness IQ

Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

I don’t know what it is lately. But, I could care less what people think of me. And honestly, I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life. Looking at me you might think I have a confident, strong and healthy ego.  Don’t let the tattoos fool you. The truth is, I have been plagued with confidence issues most of my life.   And seeking approval from others is something I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve always needed. I’m not sure why I’ve been this way and I really don’t care. For me it’s not about the “why”  – I’m not looking to blame.  

It’s about the how. How can I improve as a person? How can I become more confident? How can I become a better pilates instuctor? How can I become a better nutritional counselor? How can I help more women release the unwanted weight and take better care of themselves? How can I reach out more to women entrepreneurs? How can I become better, stronger and more confident at all of my pursuits? Read More

Erin HugginsFrankly, I don’t give a damn.