Top 5 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Budget.

I recently had a youtube subscriber ask me how she can prepare healthy meals for herself and her family on a limited budget.  What are you supposed to do when you can’t afford organics?

1.  Don’t fret. If you can’t afford organics the best thing to do is eat simple foods from scratch. Avoid the pre-made packaged foods. Keep it simple. 

2.  Plan meals week by week. Thinking ahead helps not only your pocket book, but your waist line. When you don’t have meals planned you are more likely to spend money on take out.

3.  Take a list to the grocery store. Stay on task.  Buy what you planned to buy and don’t stray. 

4.  Buy in bulk. A big bag of brown rice and  a bag of frozen chicken breasts go alone way. 

5.  Shop locally. If you can –  buy direct from the source. Find a local farmers market or co-op. The prices are typically better and the produce fresher. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. Think old school. Your great grandma or grandma would have bags of beans and rice on hand. And she probably canned her own green beans too.  My best friend lives in Chicago and she managed to make her own pickles – the best damn pickles I have ever had by the way! She even has a little urban herb garden too.

Get creative.  Find  a patch in the back yard and grow some veggies. Not only will it save some dough, but your kids will love learning about where their food comes from! 


Erin HugginsTop 5 Tips to Eating Healthy on a Budget.

Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

1.  Never Say Anything Negative About Yourself. Ever. Instead – become an ego maniac! If you want to lose weight you have to give your body the respect and love it deserves.  Imagine if someone came up to you and said, “you look fat today,” or “your ass looks huge in those jeans,” or “your stomach is so nasty?”  You’d want to practice your new fancy muay thai moves on their ass.  So knock it out. Step into the shoes of the most confident, sexy and egotistical person you know.  And become that person.  Just like an actor rehearses a new role, rehearse your new “rock star” personae in your mind daily like a meditation until you see this new slimmer more confident and healthy body come to life! Read More
Erin HugginsTop 3 Weight Loss Tips

Sexy Booty Ballet Inspired Workout

I wish I were a punk rock ballerina! I love the long legs, arms and perfectly poised posture that comes with years of ballet training. But alas, I was born with a gymnasts body – and a gymnast I was. I took dance only to supplement my gymnastics training and even got to dance with the Joffrey Ballet for a summer. Still suffering from ballerina envy to this day though. For now, I’ll continue to do my ballet inspired workouts.

Erin HugginsSexy Booty Ballet Inspired Workout

Flush the Toxins Flush the Fat!

I’m sure it’s not the first time you heard to cut out the processed, junk, enriched, fortified, high caloric and low nutrient empty food. Duh. But, here’s the deal. Processed food is full of CHEMICALS. Our food is grown in soil polluted with chemicals. Then chemicals are sprayed on our food while it’s growing. Then we harvest the food, take it to a factory, break it down and produce all kinds of nifty treats with it. The end result is far from food. This chemical loaded franken-food is what is making you fat. For realz. Your body perceives these chemicals – many of them man made neuro toxins – as invaders. Your body is literally being attached by an army of chemical invaders. And every time you eat these toxins accumulate in your system. This chemical overload must be dealt with. Your body pushes fat to the back burner – so to speak – to process and eliminate these chemicals and toxins. When is your body going to process and eliminate fat?? Um. When you stop eating the chemical invaders and toxins that your body is accustomed to.

Erin HugginsFlush the Toxins Flush the Fat!

“I Love to Exercise” Visualization Technique!

Visualization is not just for hippies and squares people! You’ve got to Visualize to Materialize! You must learn to love exercise if want rockin’ abs, legs of a gazelle and arms of a ballet dancer. Even a healthy lifestyle coach needs a kick in the butt from time to time. Watch this video from my youtube page. This is my personal technique to get me in the mood to run to the gym. Remember…. we get really good at what we practice a lot. Enjoy!

[youtube LekFaAA4kug]

Erin Huggins“I Love to Exercise” Visualization Technique!